"DJMax Respect" is coming to PS4 March 6. It is the latest title in the series. The first "DJMax game" was released in 2004. Original songs created by Korean artists are featured in the games. The latest game features 40 brand new songs plus every song from the series will be available as DLC. A total of 147 tracks will be available in "DJMax Respect".A majority of the "DJMax" games were released to PlayStation Portable.This will be the first game in the series to be released to a non-portable PlayStation console.

'DJMax Respect' features

All the tracks and videos are remastered to run at 60 FPS in 1080p.

For the first time, "DJMax" will support local, and online multiplayer. There will be three different ways to compare your progress with other players. All the DLC will be available within the first month of release. Players won't have to wait long. The game was already released last year in Asia and Korea. Songs from the previous games in the series will be released as DLC.Each track will have various difficulty levels."DjMax Respect" will have four game modes. Arcade mode is where you play in standard single-player mode.You play 3 songs back-to-back for your score and ranking.

To compete online you play in online battle. In freestyle mode, you can play as many songs as you want. In this mode, you can play two-player local online battle.

In mission mode, you will be required to complete specific objectives when playing a song. A new achievement system is being introduced in the game. This system will replace the random prize system from the portable three game.The achievement system unlocks in-game content such as images, music, and comments.

'DJMax Respect' downloadable content

The trilogy pack comes with 20 songs from the "DJMax Trilogy" game.The game was released to the PC in 2008.The pack also comes with one new song.The collaboration ack comes with three new songs plus a collaboration song with the "Guilty Gear" series. 23 songs will be included in the metro project pack plus one new song.The metro pack also comes with exclusive gears from the "Djmax Portable Clazziquai Edition" game.

Songs from the "DJMax Technika" game will be included in the metro project pack two dlc. Metro project pack three will feature songs from the "DJMax Portable Black Square" game. No matter what game you liked the best you will find something from that game in the latest "DJMax" game.