The God Of War franchise has finally revealed the new release on April 20, 2018. Sony has also released a new trailer that made its debut recently. The story takes a twist where many people didn't expect. If you have played the other God of War games in the past on the older Sony systems, you will be up to speed on who Kratos is and what The God-slayer has done in his past. Now, it's time for Kratos to pass on his knowledge and skills to his son, Arteus. The fourth installment of the series is turning out to be a new and refreshing look at the main story hero.

Story Mode Background

In the new trailer, it takes a peek into the life of Arteus and the sudden death of his mother. His father, Kratos returns to help his son deliver her ashes to the top of a mystic mountain and send her away in peace. This new game, in the franchise, focuses on Kratos trying to teach his son about consequences, responsibility, and restraint in order to control his power. Arteus isn't aware that his father is a deity, and throughout the story mode for the game, we will see how Arteus figures out his father's past and what he truly went through in order to become the ultimate warrior. Kratos and his son begin to fight amongst themselves which shows a sort of underlying relationship between the two.

Throughout the game, Kratos and Arteus will encounter new enemies, such as Loki's son, Jormungandr. There is a possibility that we may see Loki's brother Thor and his father Odin, but these details are still not confirmed yet. Also, these three characters are involved in the Norse mythical event Ragnarok. Ragnarok will be a thrilling and refreshing look at this game.

Kratos will have a different look that will shine, metaphorically speaking. Rather than him being filled with rage and a sense of revenge, he will take on the role of a protective father and help his child become a strong fighter, just like his father.

New game, new style

God of War's director, Cory Barlog, has told everyone that God of War 4 isn't a reboot or a remake, but it is a great addition to the franchise with a new story and new setting.

Also, Barlog stated, at E3 last year, that the game will have a new and improved fighting system. Gamers are hoping there will be a resemblance to the fighting style of the Batman Arkham series or the Lord of the Rings spinoff series, "Shadow of War" or "Shadow of Mordor.

The previous games were set around Greek mythology, but now in the newest game, the setting of it will be wrapped in a Norse mythology. In this game, we may see other Norse Gods, like Baldr, Freyr, etc. If these gods somehow come into play, players will flock to have a chance to play this game."

Here is a 15-minute gameplay demo of God of War 4.

Please watch the newest trailer!