The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" reveal a new version of the popular RPG sequel. Video game fans spotted a "Royal Edition" of the game in the Esrb Ratings as they speculated that it could be the "Game of the Year" version for the consoles, complete with its numerous DLC updates and episodes.

A 4Chan user also revealed another version of the sequel called "Final Fantasy Versus XV" and its plot details say that it will take place in an alternate world. This version will offer new gameplay features that will separate itself from "FFXV" and it will give RPG fans a chance to explore a broader and darker storyline.

'Royal Edition' leaked

According to the ESRB ratings, the "Royal Edition" will likely act as a "Game of the Year" version of the main game and it will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. While the ESRB ratings did not offer much information about the game, it is likely that Square Enix will respond to the video game fans' questions regarding its legitimacy since the Japanese company did not announce anything.

"Final Fantasy XV" featured three episodic DLC featuring Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis as each episode explored different aspects of their personalities and their friendship. There are also special events such as the "Moogle and Chocobo Festival" and a crossover with "Assassin's Creed: Origins."

The sequel also featured an online multiplayer mode called "Comrades" that allows players to create and customize their own character and explore the world of Eos as a group, or join Noctis' friends.

They can use different weapons, including swords, axes, spears, guns, and rifles. They can also harness the power of the Royal Arms and use magic in battles. Finally, PC users will now enjoy "Final Fantasy XV" on the PC as Square Enix will launch the "Window's Edition" this year.

'FF Versus XV' in the works?

According to the unnamed 4Chan user, Square Enix is working on a new version of "FFXV" that is set in an alternate world.

The story is said to take place in Noctis' "dream" and the areas in the game are completely explorable. Furthermore, three cities will be explored in the game: Gralea, the kingdom of Solheim, and the capital of Tenebrae. The battle system will be similar to "Kingdom Hearts" with a gambit-like system to progress. New summons include Fenril, Odin, Phoenix, Ifrit, Alexander, Bahamut, the Magus sisters, and the Knighst of the Round.

Original "FFXV" character, Stella, will be playable in the game and some missions will allow players to control guest characters like Cor, Aranea, and Cindy.