Final Fantasy XV” released early last year for the PS4 and Xbox One after its 10-year development period. The game went through plenty of changes since its initial reveal, but Square Exis still managed to push through. Since then, they’ve been releasing a slew of new content through patches and DLC. We’ve gotten things such as the off-road Regalia, several character episodes, new weapons, and much more. Now, it seems like Square Enix is gearing for a crossover with other franchises.

‘Assassin’s Creed’ meets ‘Final Fantasy XV’

Crossovers between famous franchises have become pretty popular over the recent years and Square Enix is no stranger to this.

Back during “Final Fantasy XIII-2,” they had a crossover with “Mass Effect” to produce some interesting costumes. Now, they’ve teamed up with Ubisoft for some “Assassin’s Creed” content. According to Gematsu, “Final Fantasy XV” will be getting an “Assassin’s Festival” DLC which is a limited time event.

This festival will take over the town of Lestallum and features gameplay from the “AC” franchise. There’ll be some unique mini-games and you can earn some exclusive content like the “Medjay Assassin’s Robes” and “Master Assassin’s Robes.” The Dream Egg will also produce some special content if you’ve managed to get it from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

Other ports

That aside, Square Enix is also expanding their ventures to other platforms.

Just recently, they announced that they’ll be porting the game over to the PC early next year. In line with this, the upcoming edition will include tons of installments which will supposedly improve the graphics and better gameplay physics.

They’ve included features like Nvidia HairWorks, Nvidia Turf Effect, Nvidia VXAO, Nvidia Flow, and Nvidia ShadowWorks.

Similarly, it will also support the GeForce Experience, so you can record your gameplay and share it with you friends. It seems like this specific version is a step above the current console editions we have right now. What’s interesting about this is that the PC version will also support mods.

Similarly, “Final Fantasy XV” will also be getting a Pocket Edition later this year.

This is a streamlined mobile version of the game that still includes the same plot and character. The art style and controls have been optimized for casual play. This version will have 10 episodes re-telling the entire plot of the game. This Pocket Edition will be launching later this Fall and the first episode is free.