Studio Wildcard rolled out its latest installment of its Community Crunch (114) as it featured what's going on with "ARK" and its "Aberration" DLC. The new blog post showcased the Dinos TLC content alongside some updates with the console version of the "Ragnarok" expansion.

Dino TLC Phase 1

The developer has previously teased Dino TLC's early stages as they explained that some visual and functional/gameplay tweaks are slated to be implemented. Wildcard also revealed that the upcoming content will be having "multiple" phases adding that the first phase is bound to drop during the week of February 18.

They also announced that they'll be rolling out a turret limit to all of their official servers.

Wildcard shared some of the things that will be released next month, though they pointed out that the renders are still works-in-progress and are still subject to further tweaks before their final versions go live next month. They further explained that all creatures will be getting visual updates. However, they highlighted that they'll be prioritizing the ones that really need some serious retouch.

Creatures buffed

Starting things off is the Procoptopdon (prehistoric short-faced kangaroo) will be getting improvements on both of its carry weight and fall damage. Its pouch will be finally put to use as it will have the ability to carry small creatures and baby dinos.

Bigfoot (Gigantopithecus) will be getting improvements on both of its movements and attacks. Wildcard revealed that they'll be giving the creature the ability to hop and use zip lines. Also, the devs stated that they'll be making changes on its throwing ability alongside the capability to carry small creatures...and throw them.

The Direbear, on the other hand, will be able to obtain honey from wild beehives without being attacked by these stingers. That being said, bee immunity will somewhat prevent players who are riding them from being knocked off.

In line with this, they'll be getting twice the amount of honey whenever they harvest this sticky sweet.

Phase 1 of the Dino TLC will also usher in improvements to the Direwolf. Per Wildcard, the canine specie will be getting a passive buff that allows them to sniff stealthy/buried creatures, explorer notes, and even creatures whose life bar is down to 50 percent.

Meanwhile, the Tyrannosaurus Rex will be getting the most interesting tweak – enemies will start pooping whenever they here the giant lizard's roar. However, Wildcard stated that there will be a cooldown on enemies who just pooped so a so-called "pooplock" will not be possible. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: