"Fornite" has been one of the most popular Video Games lately, mostly because of its amazing Battle Royale mode. Ever since it was released in September 2017, the PvP mode of "Fortnite" has gained millions of players, breaking numerous records and becoming incredibly popular in a short period of time. The biggest reason for such a huge success is the amazing work the game developer, Epic Games, has done.

"Fortnite" Battle Royale has been receiving constant weekly updates. These updates have been big and players were getting either new items or some big gameplay changes with them.

However, this week's update will be arguably the biggest update the game has ever had. It will completely change the map by adding new locations, biomes, and numerous loot chests across the island. To take a sneak peek at the upcoming update and see some screenshots, keep reading.

New map locations

In late November last year, "Fortnite" developer teased players with a new city that would be added to the game. This city is like nothing else "Fortnite" Battle Royale players have seen in the game, and it will definitely be a hot landing spot, especially in the first few weeks after the update. It turns out that the city will be called Tilted Towers and it will be located southwest of Loot Lake, as players correctly predicted.

Beside the new city, Junk Junction will be added to the northwestern part of the map, while Haunted Hills will be right under it. Players will also be able to visit Snobby Shores, the new location that will be added to the western part of the island.

In addition, there will be an underground mine that will be called Shifty Shafts. The mine will be located south of Titled Towers.

While "Fortnite" Battle Royale players are looking forward to checking these new locations out, the map will get another big change.

There will be different biomes on the island, such as swamps, farms, mountains, and forests, that will make parts of the map unique and help players with orientation.

40 million 'Fortnite' players

"Fortnite" has reached another big milestone as it now has 40 million players. Battle Royale mode has turned out to be a huge success and the number of players has skyrocketed since its release.

In early October, "Fortnite" reached 10 million players, and it just needed one more month to get to 20 million. In December, that number increased to 30 million, and right now, there are 40 million "Fortnite" players and over 2 million players play the game at the same time during peak hours.