The latest updates for the new "God Of War sequel for the PlayStation 4 reveal the possibility of adding side-quests in the game. Director Cory Balrog told GameInformer that the sequel will have new gameplay features that are not found in previous titles, adding some uniqueness and keeping the video game fans interested.

There is also new information about the game's release date as a Portuguese retailing website claimed that it will launch in March. Sony and Santa Monica Studio confirmed that the sequel will launch this year and perhaps they are planning to release it in the summer to hype up the video game fans.

Side-quests added

According to Balrog, the new features in "God of War" will allow Kratos the opportunity to deviate from the narrative and critical path, and complete some smaller objectives along the way. While the game director did not offer much explanation about the Side quests, he believes that it will be a game changer for the series since the past titles did not have such a feature.

Aside from the side-quests, Balrog teased that the sequel will have more puzzles, showdowns with other Norse Gods, and the transition from Greek to Norse Mythology. Santa Monica Studio teased that Kratos will have an encounter with the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, teasing a potential boss fight.

The plot of the sequel will feature Kratos and his son, Atreus, go on a journey of self-discovery in the harsh lands of Norway as they encounter monsters and legendary deities.

The former Ghost of Sparta will guide his son as both father and mentor. Atreus will use specialized arrows to help his father in combat and solve puzzles and cast spells using his Norse knowledge.

Kratos will have a new enchanted ax as anew weapon replacing his famed Blades of Chaos. The latter will fight multiple enemies in a single area, and the combat system will be more fluid and brutal from the previous games.

They will encounter beasts such as the Frost Giants, Fenris wolf, and the Midgard Serpent. Atreus will try to challenge his father as a way to boost his progression and growth in the game.

Release date leaked?

An unnamed Portuguese website listed the new "God of War" sequel on March 22 for the PS4 console. While Sony and Santa Monica Studio have not commented on the leaked Release Date, video game fans are curious to know if they are planning to launch it in the summer.

GameSpot reported that the PlayStation Store listed the sequel on December 31 after they change it from its previous date in March. Video game fans will have to wait for new updates for the game this year.