Pokémon Go changes its Loading Screen once a season. They always do this in a way that ties it into whatever events or new features that are coming up. The 2017 Christmas holiday loading screen showed several “Gen 3” Pokémon, decorating a Christmas tree and opening up presents. It was both festive and showed off some new Pokémon. The 2017 holiday loading screen is now a thing of the past, making room for the latest loading screen features. Pokémon Go has been updated with a new loading screen, featuring a selection of Pokémon celebrating the start of 2018.

Many new Pokémon spotted in the latest loading screen

Pokémon Go fans are so curious. The new and amazing loading screen has many new Pokémon hidden inside it. It features a selection of Pokémon in celebration spirit, including previously unreleased Pokémon Loudred and Vibrava. Hopefully, this indicates their launch. Vibrava, the evolved form of Flygon and Loudred, the evolved form of Exploud are among the 60 gen 3 Pokémon that have not yet been added to the game. Most players are surprised that they were both tweaked in the Niantic update, as neither of them is particularly powerful or expected to be useful in the game.

Other new features in the latest Niantic update

Apart from the new loading screen, there are other new and improved features in the latest released Niantic update.

Previously, the distant position of the new Legendary Raid Boss Kyogre when trying to capture it was a big challenge. Trainers have found it so hard to triumph in the timed Raid battles. Fortunately, this problem appears to be fixed as part of the new Pokémon Go update. However, Kyogre is now closer and easier to catch.

Another great news is that the scroll bug has been fixed.

Therefore, the Pokémon collection screen will no longer scroll to the top after evolving, transferring or renaming a Pokémon. The new update also includes performance upgrades, tweaks, and many more. Switching AR on/off does not reset the Pokémon position. Also, the game will now remember the last selected Pokeball from encounter to encounter.

Another Nice touch is the way shiny Pokémon are now displayed as a shiny icon, in order to avoid accidental transfer of Pokémon, and long Pokémon names are no longer small in the Pokémon list.

Although the new update brought almost nothing brand-new, a lot of existing features were polished. The amazing and new update is just a quality of life and bug fixing update, and many players are excited about that. Pokémon Go has managed to hold its title pretty well in the world of mobile games. This could be because of its unique game formula and constant push out of updates.