The Twitch community, especially followers of popular Streamer DrDisRespect, were shocked by his recent stream after he announced that he'll be taking a breather. He said that he'll be focusing more on his family. This came after he also admitted to his infidelity during the stream.

Two-timing in a bad way

Those who got to check DrDisRespect's (Doc to most of his fans) latest livestream were surprised to see his alter ego – Guy Beahm with a cap on and a bit gloomy. Moments prior to his revelation, Doc expressed how grateful he is to have a beautiful family.

However, he stated that he has to be transparent to his followers and revealed that he's been unfaithful.

He went on stating that he'll be going on a hiatus to spend more time with his family and to save his marriage. The Doc also apologized to his fandom (The Slick Daddy Club), his sponsors, and even Twitch. As parting words, he pointed out that this is not what he is and this is not what he represents.

The Twitch community has mixed opinions about DrDisRespect's current situation. While some despised the streamer's infidelity, most of his followers completely support him, albeit the messed up situation that he's in.

Famed YouTuber Scarce, also covered the Doc's news, stating that going public about it was the right thing to do since it will come out somehow.

He further explained that Doc's admission made his fans feel that he redeemed himself in some way adding that it's a step in the right direction. Scarce also stated that over the past year, a few people over on YouTube and Twitch have claimed Doc's been unfaithful, though there was no evidence to prove it.

Doc's early years

For the uninitiated, Beahm was a former community manager for Sledgehammer Games.

He already took on the persona of DrDisRespect as a YouTuber prior to his managerial duties. In March 2012, he then took on the role of level designer at Sledgehammer as he designed multiplayer maps for "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." By September of 2015, he announced his retirement as a level designer and revived the DrDisRespect persona.

The Doc also received awards from the gaming community this year which include Streamer of the Year (where he delivered an emotional speech) from the E-Sports Awards and The Game Awards 2017's Trending Gamer Award.

Only time will tell if the Doc will ever come back to his streaming stint. Fans, on the other hand, can totally understand what he's going through right now. Check out a video of DrDisRespect here: