A massive update is heading towards "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and it is expected to bring major improvements to the game before it officially goes out later this year. Alongside these changes are new weapons that are bound to drop in the battle royale shooter's public testing realm.

Tweak time

The new update focused heavily on optimizing "PUBG's" game elements. From loading its battle area terrain to character rendering, both Bluehole and its subsidiary – PUBG Corporation made sure that everything is straightened out prior to its release.

Per Steam's Community page, some of the main tweaks that the developer carried out include additional vaulting animation and a huge clipping issue reduction in coats and jackets while leaning.

The developer also revealed that they made changes in "PUBG's" hit damage. It was stated that they've upped the damage inflicted on both arms and thighs while reducing the damage on a character's hands and feet.

Several improvements were also discussed in the latest patch notes. The devs made optimizations in "PUBG's" UI, world and wave effects of the sea, and character animation. They also added LODs for its weapon rendering for long distance while decreasing both of its memory usage of characters and loading time of the game's terrain.

New weapons

Meanwhile, a couple of weapons were also introduced. These include the AUG A3 and the DP-28. The AUG A3 is an iteration of the "bull-pup assault rifle" that can load both a standard 30-round mag and an extended 40-rounder.

The upcoming weapon has a low vertical recoil alongside a high fire rate and muzzle velocity. The new firearm can be exclusively obtained in care packages once the PC 1.0 patch goes live. The Kar98k, on the other hand, will no longer be part of the care packages, though its spawn rate will remain intact.

As for the DP-28, it was mentioned that either a sight or a 4x scope can be mounted onto the rifle.

It has a 47-round pan magazine, though it was stated that it has a slow rate of fire. However, its efficacy on long-range shots and high damage can compensate for its slowness.

Several bug fixes were also highlighted in the patch notes. Some of the workarounds that were mentioned include fixes on camera jittering, bandage animation, and an issue where firing a weapon is possible when a character is vaulting.

The test servers for these changes will kick off this week and will until the next. Check out a video about "PUBG" here: