Big news for the gaming world, the popular open-world survival game "Conan Exiles" is now getting a full release game next year. Funcom made the big announcement this week.

According to True Achievement, which got the full details of the story, the open-world survival game will be leaving the Early Access for the Steam and the Game Preview program for the Xbox users on May 8, 2018. “Conan Exiles” will be made available as a digital download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What to expect from Funcom’s full game release

As mentioned earlier by True Achievements, The barbarian-themed survival title will have a standard edition of the game as well as a limited Collector’s Edition version of the game.

The standard edition will be released in both digital and physical copies.

For the physical copy of the game, the “Day One” edition will include a full-color printed map of the "Exiled Lands" along with the in-game exclusive item that helps unlock the new weapons “Conan’s Atlantean Sword.” Funcom has already started the pre-order for the physical copy of the survival game, the “Day One” edition.

Players who already purchased the game before the official release will no longer need to buy the game again. Instead, they will receive the in-game addition, the “Conan’s Royal Armor.”

As for the Limited Collector’s Edition, the game will feature artwork, soundtracks from "Exiles" and "Age of Conan," a six-inch Conan figure, an original comic, and a full-color map of the survival game.

There’s also an ebook novel and a digital version of the game’s RPG rulebook, the PC GamesN reported.

In addition to the full game release, the game will also get new biomes and revamped combat. These include a new volcano area, new jungle biome, and a newly revamped combat. Funcom is also adding a non-specific set of new gameplay mechanics on board.

However, the developer is also planning some changes on the prices of all three versions of the game across the gaming platforms. The company plans to start working on the price change as early as this week. For the PC version of the game, the price will go up from $30 to $40 by the May 2018 release, while the console versions (Xbox One and PS4) will be $50.

Funcom’s latest Update 32 brings new gaming experience

The latest game update has introduced a new weather system that brings dynamic weather features. These include things like thunderstorms, rain, snow, changing wind speed, changing fog levels and more. Funcom is getting more creative with the introduction of the new weather system, which adjusts the weather based on what area the players are currently playing.

Aside from the new weather system, the latest update brought a new patch that offers both new systems and items. Some of the new systems and features added to the game are new weapons and two new full armor sets. There’s also an improved tool, which includes meat cleavers and sickles. Players can get more about the Update 32 on the “Conan Exiles” official website.