Now that the Holiday spirit is in the air Bungie has announced this year's The Dawning event for "Destiny 2." As it is slated to drop next week, the developer also hinted some updates that are likely to drop in the game.

Things to come

Bungie's Game Director, Christopher Barrett, recently exchanged tweets to some folks within the "Destiny" community after reading some of their feedback about the game. If some of his responses are anything to go by, it may well be that new features are down the pipeline.

The recent addition of the Masterworks weapon tier in "Destiny 2" has been getting positive feedback from players as this gave them another reason to grind on the game.

That being said, a fan did commend the game maker about it. Alongside it was a suggestion about adding the same concept to armor sets in the game, to which Barrett responded positively.

Barrett also tweeted an image of a sword that will be included in The Dawning event. A fan then asked whether or not shaders can also be applied to these melee weapons. The inquiry also received a positive response and even revealed that he already had discussions with his team about it and that it could be rolled out in future updates.

Another "Destiny 2" faithful also suggested an improved mod system for the game.

Just like his first two responses, Barrett welcomed the idea, stating that he also would like to see an interesting and simplified mod system.

The Dawning announced

Meanwhile, The Dawning will be a three-week event that will officially kick off on Tuesday, December 19, up until January 9 of next year. Just as in the previous year, the upcoming event will showcase snowball fights, hockey, and Mayhem where Guardians' abilities recharge faster.

This will allow players to use it more often within the Crucible as it is expected that the sound of supers will be heard every second of it.

Exotic ornaments for weapons were also spotted. Some of these new weapon skins include Dieselpunk for the Wardcliff Coil, Carina Nebula for the Graviton Lance, Sweet Business' Go About Your Business, and Prism for the recently nerfed Prometheus Lens.

A new Milestone will also be added as players will be rewarded with a special Dawning engram that contains a so-called Holiday's Spirit item alongside a Winter's Delight item. Alongside these is either an Exotic or Legendary item making it pretty similar to a Luminous Engram. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: