Trainers rejoice! Christmas is coming early for players of Niantic Labs’ smash hit Pokémon GO. Veteran trainers have traveled far and wide capturing as many of the Kanto and Johto native Pokémon as their storage boxes could handle. But long and loud has been the cry for more; more Pokémon from more regions. Though the game has only been out for just over a year, seeing the same Pokémon day in and day out can make the whole experience feel a little stale.

Now Niantic is ready to mix things up again. According to the company’s blog, fifty Pokémon from the third-generation Hoenn region will begin roaming a city near you “later this week,” along with weather effects that promise to immerse further eager trainers in the real-world Pokémon dream come true.

Fifty more Pokémon

The Hoenn region is host to some of the franchise’s most beloved Pokémon; from starters Treecko, Torchic, and meme-worthy Mudkip, to the legendary Groudon. Salamence can also be seen in the reveal trailer, along with Shiftry and the cheerful Ludicolo. While there has yet to be a comprehensive list released, it’s safe to surmise that these Pokémon and any of their evolutions will be in. Get ready to catch your favorite Pokémon for Christmas, as Niantic gives us fifty more reasons to roam the frigid countryside this holiday season, far from warm fires and hot cocoa as we strive to catch ‘em all.

Bring an umbrella

But Niantic isn’t just bringing new Pokémon to the party—they’re making it rain.

Your local forecast will now affect the in-game weather, bringing rain, fog, snow, clouds, or sunshine into the Pokémon world. The weather will change the environment in-game, so no more mysteriously sunny skies for your avatar as you trudge around in a hailstorm. These changes will also affect certain Pokémon moves according to Niantic, like powering up Charizard’s Fire Spin on sunny days.

Feel more like a trainer as you make good on the weather itself to help you conquer a gym or take down a legendary! Just don’t forget to dress for the part.

For that extra special Pokémon that you simply have to have, you might want to keep an eye out for the Master Ball, an item recently revealed through data mining and speculated to be coming to the game soon.

If you’re looking to do some heavy-hitting gaming this Christmas—none of this handheld mobile stuff—then perhaps a look at the pros and cons of a Playstation 4 would better inform your Christmas list.