The "Monster Hunter: World" Beta is nearly upon us! Easily one of the most anticipated games of 2018, you won't want to miss out on this hands-on sneak peek at the latest entry to the franchise. The beta will be available to pre-load on Friday, December 8. The official launch of the beta is Saturday, December 9 at 9 AM PT and will last until Tuesday, December 12 at 9 AM PT.

To play you will need access to a PlayStation 4 and have an active PS+ subscription. You will also need to be connected to the internet always since the beta stores data entirely on the servers.

You will need at least 5.9 GB of free storage on your hard drive to download the beta. If you often use PS Vita Remote Play you're in luck as this feature will be supported!

What's in the beta

Both Single Player and Multiplayer will be available - both will require an online connection as previously stated. You will be given a choice between six different preset male and female characters. You will also have access to six presets for your feline companion known as a Palico. Naming will be available for both your character and cat comrade.

In Single Player, you will be dropped into hunts with your Palico pals while in Multiplayer you will be joined by your fellow hunters. Certain features such as Guild Cards (An in-game card customized by players to show off stats and achievements.), friend invites, the ability to join quests midway through and removing other players from a quest - will not be available.

These features will be in the full version of the game.

The beta will give players access to all 14 weapon types available in the main game. A special Training Area will also be accessible. This will allow you to test out and practice with each weapon type. Make sure to use this to find your favored play style!

Of course, the most important features of all are the Quests.

The beta will have three available Quests:

  • Great Jagras Hunt
  • Barroth Hunt
  • Anjanath Hunt

These Quests will be split between the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste locales. While there are only three hunts to pick from, each locale will be home to several other monsters. Make sure to search and explore for any lurking creatures.

Additional information

For participating in the beta, you will receive bonus items in the retail launch. These consist of cosmetic items as well as consumables that will aid you on hunts down the line. The beta is closing in and the full release is not long after.