"Destiny 2'' has been a real challenge will all its raid content for console players all around the world. But recently, PC players have joined in on the fun and now everyone's trying to beat the latest raid boss.

Today, we bring a unique method for 1-phasing Argos Eater of Worlds. I'll describe it in detail, and I'll also show you a video of one of the teams managed to do this. Watch the video below and then continue on to read about the method these players utilized. By the way, if you haven't yet completed the first raid, feel free to read the "Destiny 2" first raid guide.

Video: POV Argos 1-phase kill

The player you see wreaking havoc on Argos in the video uses a unique method to enable himself to predict the Cranium locations ahead of time, in order to hit two DPS checks. Since Void always changes to Solar, which changes to Arc, and which changes back to Void, you can predict what the next set of clouds will be for a DPS check.

For example, if the first set is made out of Void -> Void -> Arc, this means that we can comfortably predict that the second set will consist of Solar -> Solar -> Void.

All this tells us that in order to get two DPS checks, we need: 3 Void, 2 Solar and 1 Arc. The first video you saw was from the perspective of the player.

Luckily, we also have a video from the Nightstalker in the team.

Here's the Nightstalker's perspective in the 1-phase kill:

Video: Nightstalker's perspective

The Nightstalker you see in the video is in charge of spamming out Orbs for the rest of the team while trying to contain the exploder harpies at the same time. As for the rest of the team, the Sunbreaker focused on barricading and hammering any immediate threats around the team, and if there weren't any, they would just DPS Argos as much as possible.

There were also four Celestial Nighthawk hunters on the team, all of which focused on killing Argos as fast as possible, pure DPS, nothing else.

Other methods in new 'Destiny 2' raids

The method I just described obviously worked out well for this team, but you're probably wondering are there any other? Or perhaps you already heard about or have seen another method to 1-phasing Argos on YouTube?

One popular tactic that's been going around consists of a team loading three Craniums at the Damage Plate, and three Heads which correspond to Orbs. At the damage phase, you're supposed to blast Argos with three half-full Craniums followed by full Cranium that's right there on the platform.

In my opinion, this method is overrated and consists of disorganized team play. This results in the team locking itself out of a second DPS phase, and you also risk being taken down by adds. If you didn't know, the more Craniums you stack, the more adds show up.

You're also risking being overrun by Minotaurs after you've depleted your rocket supply.

Anyways, all these methods are always up for debate, and who knows, someone's probably done it this way by now.

In any case, I'd suggest trying out the methods that these players used in the video. It's supposed to be a load of fun and a real rush!

If you're still new to all this, read more about the new Eater of Worlds raid.