The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal a new gameplay system that alerts everyone to a banned player in the game. Game director Jeff Kaplan told PCGamesN that this new system was an experiment of Blizzard Entertainment that will allow them to send a letter to the players who are being complained on by their teammates.

The video game publisher also streamed the new trailer for the game's Christmas themed event, "Winter Wonderland," and it will feature new character skins and a brawl game mode called "Mei's Yeti Hunt."

'Winter Wonderland' 2017

Blizzard Entertainment will launch "Winter Wonderland" this week from Dec.

12 until Jan. 2, 2018. Players will have a chance to play two Mei-themed game modes and unlock holiday character skins in the game.

"Mei's Snowball Offensive" will feature players square-off in an intense snowball fight. The second game mode is called "Mei's Yeti Hunt" which allows players to fight a huge Yeti (Winston) using only the snow-themed character. The Yeti must hunt down several meat items around the map and avoid the Mei hunters.

New "Overwatch" skin characters are present in the game such as Casual Hanzo, Rime Sombra, Snow Owl Ana, Arctic Soldier: 76, Ice fisherman Roadhog, Beachrat Junkrat, and Avalanche Bastion. Legendary skins are worth 3000 credits, while the Epic, Rare, and Common skins are now 750, 225, and 75 credits, respectively.

The new "Winter Wonderland" event will also feature several in-game patches for characters and maps to improve its gameplay without any trouble.

New player banned alert system

According to Jeff Kaplan, the new system was designed to send out notifications to players that were being complained on by other players during matches.

The letter also includes a warning letting them know that repeated negative actions will result in silence, suspension, or even a permanent ban.

Players who report someone for poor behavior will now be notified with an in-game message when the problem has been resolved. Blizzard assured fans that they take the issue seriously and will respond immediately to allow everyone the chance to enjoy the game.

"As of that Winter Wonderland patch we'll have the technology to do it directly in the game," Kaplan said. "Hopefully that restores some of the people's faith in the system, and they use it more."

For now, "Overwatch" players will be able to enjoy "Winter Wonderland" for the holidays and Blizzard will make sure that no one will ruin there fun this month.