Things have just got better for the fans of the mecha-style first-person shooter “Titanfall 2.” Developer Respawn has finally released the latest update, which arrived on December 19, just in time for the upcoming Christmas Holiday. Additionally, the gaming world is also getting another great deal these holidays, which include a free copy of "Titanfall" game.

The latest update Operation Endeavor has finally hit the gaming world. In a recent company’s blog post, game developer detailed everything about the latest update, which includes a few new modes and a newly enhanced grapple system.

The developer also made a quick rundown of what to expect from the newly updated grapple system. Fans could get more about the newly updated grapple system on Frontier News Network.

What the new update will bring this holiday season

As mentioned earlier by ComicBook, the Operation Endeavor has added new weapon skins. This means that the game’s six weapons will all receive their warpaint treatments. These are the Heat Sink EM-4Cold War, Masterwork D-2 Double Take, Phantom Longbow-DMR, Purple Fade G25, Crimson Fury R-201 Carbine, and finally, the Sky R-97. Additionally, Respawn also added a normal and a Prism version of the banners.

Currently, those new Elite Weapon Warpaints are available for purchase along with the newly added Holiday banner.

Players can buy all of these Elite Weapon Warpaints as a bundle for just $19.99 only or $4.99 if the player will buy it individually.

In addition to the new weapon skins and updated grapple system, Respawn also added a new Featured Modes, the Turbo LTS, Spicy Attrition, The Otherside, Rocket Arena and Turbo Titan Brawl.

The mecha-style, first-person shooter, "Titanfall 2," is currently available on Origin PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Big Christmas gift, free Titanfall game for every purchase of PUBG

Its no doubt, Bluehole’s battle royale "PUBG" made a phenomenal hit, amassing more than 1 million players in just 48 hours of its first release on the gaming market. And that figures are still growing strong with no sign of slowing down.

According to GameSpot, the wildly popular battle royal game is currently available for $30 via the Xbox Game Preview program.

Fortunately, Newegg is also selling "PUBG" but with one great deal for the gamers. The online retailer is currently selling the battle royal along with a free copy of the critically acclaimed shooter “Titanfall 2.” The PUBG deal could cost only players around $30, so the addition of the free Titanfall game makes this offer an enticing deal. However, Newegg’s gaming offer will only be available until December 21, so players need to hurry up and buy the copy before it’s too late.

In addition, players can also get a free copy of "PUBG" for every purchase of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console. However, this offer will be made available only for a limited time.