"Fortnite" has gained incredible popularity since releasing Battle Royale mode, and the mode has attracted over 20 million players. The biggest reason why so many players play the game are constant updates and amazing additions to the game. Just yesterday, Epic Games announced that a new game mode would be added to "Fortnite" Battle Royale.

However, the new game mode might not be the biggest addition the game developer is preparing for "Fortnite" players. The latest developer update reveals that the team is working hard on adding many great things to the video game.

You can read more details about the upcoming additions to "Fortnite" Battle Royale below.

Improved shooting

One of the biggest problems "Fortnite" Battle Royale players complain about is shooting accuracy. Assault rifles are mostly affected by this issue as they have bullet spread.

However, the good news is that Epic Games will improve shooting in "Fortnite" Battle Royale and will remove random bullet spread while aiming down sights. These changes are still being tested and it's unknown when they will be released to the game, but there is no doubt that it will be one of the most amazing changes.

Inventory revamp

The game developer will also make a big change to the in-game inventory. The new inventory will look much cleaner and will be easier to organize.

In addition, console users will be able to quickly rearrange the quickbar with a controller.

Postgame stats

We have seen numerous concepts for a postgame screen and Epic Games finally decided to work on it. The postgame screen will provide players with more feedback on their performance during the match. "Fortnite" Battle Royale players will be able to see some interesting stats, such as distance traveled, damage taken, accuracy, and much more!

Map updates

The "Fortnite" island will finally get some big map updates! Epic Games will fill empty areas with new points of interest, but the biggest change will be the new town that will be added to the game.

New cosmetics

Fortnitemares event added many new skins to the game, but we haven't seen many unique skins ever since then.

However, that will soon change as the game developer will add some great and unique skins. You can see an example below.

Other changes

The game developer is working on many other changes that will be added to "Fortnite" Battle Royale. You can check the summary of those changes below.

  • Improvement in Oceania playlists (duos, specifically)
  • Team killing punishments
  • Footsteps on different surfaces
  • Quieter teammate footsteps
  • Trap sounds
  • Limited-time game modes
  • Server optimization
  • Improved controls
  • More servers (especially in Asia)
  • Leaderboards and stats
  • More items and weapons
  • Badges and medals
  • Custom games