"ARK: Survival Evolved's" "Aberration" DLC is finally at hand and fans are now hyped about it. Studio Wildcard, on the other hand, is back to its usual penchant for teasing upcoming contents from the inbound expansion.

Not a dossier this time

Wildcard recently posted another teaser coming from the expansion. This time, however, it is not a dossier that they’re teasing. Per the game's website, the game maker shelled out an image of an item that will be included in the DLC. Details about the item were undisclosed as always, though it looks like an alien version of the iPad.

Alien-looking text can also be seen alongside what could be a face of a creature from the upcoming DLC.

Fans might recall the previous dossier that was released earlier this month. The creature/insect has similarities to that of a warrior wasp, though its thorax seems to suggest that it could have some bioluminescent properties just like the ones found in fireflies.

The latest Community Crunch also broke some pretty frustrating news for Xbox and Windows 10 faithful. The developer stated in the blog post that the Xbox Play Anywhere service will not be released alongside "Aberration" on December 12.

Nevertheless, Wildcard is setting their crosshairs on December 19 for the service to officially go live as this will also serve as the first expansion patch for Xbox One.

New skins

Meanwhile, they also revealed that four new skins will be added in the DLC. These new skins were chosen by the top four donators on the Extra Life fundraiser that was streamed some months back.

The skins that are slated to appear in the game include the Scary Skull Mask, the Otter Mask, Chili Mask, and the Cute Dino Helmet Mask. According to Wildcard, these additional contents can be acquired provided that players have to beat first the final boss of the expansion.

Sponsored mods

Wildcard also took notice of some mods that were painstakingly built by talented individuals in the community. For this month, the developer announced that they'll be backing the "ARK Futurism Final Existence" from modder B.Cheers. What made this mod interesting is the towering mechs that can be rigged with armor and weapons.

The developer also reminded its player base about its double whammy weekend through its Evolution Event perk. All progression elements of the game will be doubled this entire weekend and will run until Monday, December 11 at 12 PM ET. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" below.