Bungie may well seem to be taking a breather as they recently announced that they won't be uploading any blog posts about "Destiny 2" until next year. However, its Game Director Christopher Barrett provided some last hurrah for this year, at least about some stuff that they're working on for the online-only multiplayer shooter.

Heads up Guardians

Barrett recently took to Twitter to wish Guardians the happiest of Holidays before moving on to the task at hand. He then discussed some tidbits about what to expect from them come 2018 including the game's Eververse that has been making a lot of noise as of late.

The game director announced that for the next installment of both Faction Rally and Iron Banner events, they will be chipping in new themed Shaders, Ships, Ghosts, and even Sparrows to "Destiny 2's" reward pools. These will be rolled out alongside new seasonal armor ornaments. That being said, this move will be a good step to somehow redeem the game as these contents should be offered as an incentive.

In line with this, a member of the community asked Barrett as to when will these above-mentioned events would drop.

He replied that both Iron Banner and Faction Rally events will arrive in January next year.

Barrett also revealed that they will be "refactoring Raid itemization" within "Destiny 2" as this will also go live sometime early next year. He further explained that the most rewarding activities will be the ones that are the most difficult.

Bungie addressing the Eververse debacle

The Eververse controversy was also tackled in Barrett's string of tweets. He stated that they heard the outcry of the community adding that players can expect a lot from them about this issue and went on hinting about an update that is slated to arrive in 2018. He even went on stating that they want to give their player base some great content on a regular basis and at the same time make their fans feel that they are respected.

For the uninitiated, Bungie has locked out around 60 items behind Eververse in this year's Dawning event which resulted in the latest fan furor. Until these updates with the Eververse are implemented, Bungie can expect that the uproar of the community will continue until this major bump is straightened out. There was even a forum that was recently put up by irked fans requesting Bungie to dissolve "Destiny 2's" Eververse.

Meanwhile, The Dawning will run until January 9 of next year. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: