Bungie has recently made it known that they'll be taking a Holiday breather and will resume responding to the community's feedback next year. However, upcoming contents for both Faction Rally and Iron Banner have just surfaced including some weapons that are likely to be included in raid activities.

Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett recently took to Twitter to tease what's under the pipeline for "Destiny 2." He did mention in his string of tweets about Faction Rally and Iron Banner events as these two will be getting new contents, not to mention that these will be chipped into its rewards pool.

That being said, images of these items have just gone online.

Faction Rally contents

Faction Rally-themed Ghosts, Sparrows, and Ships have just popped up as these were datamined from "Destiny 2's" game files. It may look like reskins for it to be deemed as Faction Rally items, but these are still worth grinding especially to those who have a penchant for collecting some nifty stuff within the game. Shaders and emblems for the event's next installment were also unearthed.

Raid weapons

In line with this, Bungie's Senior Concept Artist Ryan Gitter recently posted what could be upcoming Raid weapons in the "Curse of Osiris" DLC.

Per the artworks' description over on Gitter's ArtStation account, he stated that he is "filling out the weapon archetypes for the Raid set." The image renders include a grenade launcher (already in the game), a sidearm, and a fusion rifle.

Contrary to the Raid's white and gold color scheme, the weapons were shaded with black and gold alongside some hints of purplish glow on them.

That being said, game buffs believe that these iterations of the weapons could be their Prestige versions, though this should be taken with some grain of salt.

Third-person shooter glitch

Meanwhile, some players have discovered a glitch that allows them to shoot in third-person.

This only has a limited time since the trick needs a snowball to be pulled off.

This glitch only applies to the Stormcaller subclass alongside the Guardian's Supercharge and a snowball. Players need to charge up their super and find a snowball to pick up. The tricky part is that players need to activate their super right before the snowball gets picked up. It may take some practice to perfect the timing, but it's not that hard to do according to those who have tried it.

There's still time left to try this glitch as The Dawning will be running until January 9 of next year. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: