Alleged leaks about "Destiny 2's" next DLC has been part of the discussion among its players and most of them have been questioning the intel that are being spilled. Fans might have overlooked some promotional materials that were initially teased by Bungie after the game's official release.

Just days after "Destiny 2" was officially released back in early September, the Xbox Store first spilled the information about the game's first expansion - "Curse of Osiris." Japan's PlayStation Store, on the other hand, teased its second downloadable content that was named back then as "Gods of Mars." However, the promotional images that bear the titles of the game's DLCs were taken down and were replaced later on.

Recent slip up seems to fit in the bag

Another PlayStation Store (Indonesia or India) seem to agree with its Japan arm as a screenshot of the game's second expansion donning the same title has recently surfaced. The image was then sent by a fan to YouTuber and "Destiny 2" gamer known as Unknown Player who believes that this is a more plausible and logical leak in comparison to the questionable "Heralds of Nezarec."

Earlier teaser for the second game segment clearly debunks the recent alleged leaks that are making round as of late. The title alone suggests that Guardians are bound for Mars with this yet to be announced the expansion, not to mention that this will be set in the ice caps of the red planet.

Another hint is that one of the planet's moons – Phobos was used as a background (at the back of the female Guardian). Fans might also recall that "Destiny 2" already has a Crucible map and loading screen for Mars, though the map cannot be accessed at the moment.

Upcoming Faction Rally content

Meanwhile, data mined images of Iron Banner-themed Ship, Sparrow, and Ghost recently went online.

Another image has just been leaked and it looks like the content could be dropped in the next installment of Faction Rally. The data mined image is a ship sporting both red and gold color schemes suggesting that this belongs to the New Monarchy.

In line with this, Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett recently tweeted that both Faction Rally and Iron Banner events will be making a comeback in January 2018.

Alongside this announcement are other tweaks that are slated to go live next year which include reward pools, Raid itemization, Vault space, and updates with the much despised Eververse.

"Destiny 2's" The Dawning will run until January 9, 2018. Check out a video about the game here: