Bungie has recently straightened things out on how Three of Coins work and confirmed that Heroic Strikes are bugged when the new consumable is used. The developer also released a new Blog Post in response to the community's suggestions for "Destiny 2."

Since the XP throttling debacle, Bungie has been closely monitoring players' feedback about the game, including the recently rolled out contents. That being said, the developer is well acquainted with fan feedback, especially now that "Destiny 2" Update just came out. Per the latest post, Bungie has hinted about what to expect from the game, including the new masterworks weapon (and soon armor) tier.

Under the pipeline

The developer announced that they will be putting up a new system that will make Masterworks drops a bit more frequent than it is now. They are also looking into the possibility of devising a guaranteed source of Masterworks weapons/armor and even expressed their plans for improving the rewards in prestige activities.

In line with this, they also stated that they are planning on fixing an issue with Masterwork Cores and how they are getting redirected to players' postmaster whenever they're stacked up with consumables. Bungie also announced that they will be extending the game's dismantle timer to prevent the accidental loss of these cores.

Another interesting topic that was discussed in the recent blog post is the armor variant of the Masterworks tier.

Bungie revealed that they've already begun plans of adding it to armor pieces. However, the orb generation will be a bit "modest" since there are five equipped at once. Fans might remember that this was already hinted by Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett in a recent tweet.

On weapon and armor mods

Also, Barrett previously hinted at a simplified mod system for "Destiny 2," as this too was suggested by a fan.

The latest blog post tackled the idea as Bungie revealed that both "armor and weapon mods have been heard." The game maker added that they are aiming to make these mods a meaningful part of every player's loadout decisions. The developer pointed out, though, that these "simplified mods" do not have a definite release date.

Meanwhile, The Dawning has finally arrived and snow has covered the game where Guardians can turn these precipitates into a ball to stun enemies.

The Crucible, on the other hand, is in chaos as of late, now that Mayhem is making a comeback. Alongside these is a gifting and receiving function, where players can give gifts to vendors in exchange for some nifty items.

The Dawning will run until January 9 of next year. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.