The Steam winter sale is an event that PC gamers have been waiting for all year. This time, many new and great games have finally been released, and to make it even better, the steam winter sale discounted many games heavily. The sale has already been running for a few days and ends on Jan 4, 2018. When browsing the sale listing, I saw many great games like "Dark Souls," "CSGO," "Call of Duty" and "Rocket League" for an amazing price. However, one game stuck out as a great deal. This game is "Grand Theft Auto V," a critically acclaimed Open World game Adventure Game by Rockstar Games, for only $20!

What is 'Grand Theft Auto V?'

Surely you have heard of "Grand Theft Auto V," or "GTA V," at some point in the past few years. "GTA V" is one of the biggest online and offline games where you play as many characters and can do whatever you want in the modern third dimensional Los Angeles-like world, Los Santos. You have the ability to do whatever you want, you can drink, drive cars, blow up things, rob stores, skydive or even become an animal. The graphics are pretty good for a game with such a large play area, and many online game modes will keep you entertained forever.

Steal cars, fight of enemies, rob banks and more

In offline mode, you play as many characters in an intense, entertaining and captivating story plot.

You get put to the test in tasks that require you to steal cars, fight off enemies, destroy gangs, or even rob banks. On top of that, you have an endless selection of guns, weapons, and bombs. You also get planes, helicopters, cars and more vehicles that can be customized any way to like.

Play with your friends online

Online gameplay is popular for many good reasons.

"GTA V" online gives you the ability to play online with all your friends. Rob stores with them, fight other players and build your virtual life from the comfort of your gaming chair. The game features dozens of amazing game modes that suit anybody's preferences. You can perform heists with friends, complete mission or start your own company.

Boost your players' ranks, buy new houses, new guns and fill your garage with fancy cars. The variety of possibilities are so vast, it is near impossible to get bored, and you will want to play every moment of daily.

Active development and new updates monthly

The game is still being developed, and new updates are being posted monthly. Developers keep throwing out new content that will keep you and your friends playing. In other words, "GTA V" is many games in one and should be a definite addition to your Steam library.

Save more than $50 on 'Grand Theft Auto V' this winter sale

When "GTA V" came out, it was listed for close to 70 dollars on the PS3 and XBOX 360, now it goes for as low as $20 during this winter sale.

For $20, there's no going wrong, and the game is so well received, you know you won't be disappointed like when you bought “No Man's Sky”. "GTA V" on the PC is the newest generation of the game, so you can do much more in it then the PS3 or XBOX 360 versions. This includes first-person gameplay and better graphics.