"Destiny 2's" December update has been rolled out and quite a lot has been tackled with the new patch. Alongside this latest update is a new weapon concept and some Faction Rally tweaks.


One of the most interesting things that went live alongside the update is the masterworks feature. This new weapon tier will allow legendary weapons to gain bonus weapon stats, not to mention the orbs the Masterworks weapon generate with every multi-kill. However, players need to surpass the 250 power level mark for Legendary Weapons to drop as Masterworks.

As of late, the most common bonuses that were spotted include increased reload speeds and handling. There were even unconfirmed reports suggesting that other weapons like grenade/rocket launchers get an increased blast radius while sidearms acquire additional ammo. Swords, on the other hand, get an increase in their impact stats.

There are numerous ways on how to get this new weapon tier. Some of the options include cashing in gunsmith materials, through legendary engrams, or via random drops. Nonetheless, with random drops, this type of weapons is pretty hard to come by, though there's a better chance of nailing one in either Raids or in Trials of the Nine.

Another way of getting these weapons is by collecting Masterworks Core that can be obtained by dismantling a Masterworks weapon.

In line with this, "Destiny 2" player and YouTuber MoreConsole noticed that Planetary Vendors gave him more of this weapon type as compared to Master Rahool and Banshee-44.

Getting the Perfect Paradox

Meanwhile, Saint-14's firearm – perfect paradox – can now be obtained in the game. Players need to complete several objectives, however, to acquire this legendary shotgun.

Quite a number of fans have already figured out beforehand on how to get the weapon, but nonetheless, here are the steps:

  • After turning in Verse 10 for the Future Safe 10 (Legendary Sword), players will be given another verse dubbed Lost Prophecy Another Verse alongside a new quest known as Legends Lost. Complete the mission Signal Light on that quest.
  • Once complete, return to Brother Vance. Complete the requested items (Advanced Paradox Amplifier x 2, Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x 2, and Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x 2).
  • Complete the mission Not Even the Darkness.
  • Return to Brother Vance to forge the Perfect Paradox.

Token farming no more

In other updates, the Faction Rally event was postponed to fix some issues within the activity.

One of the issues that were fixed include the token farm glitch where players repeatedly open the same chest to stack up on Faction Rally tokens.

At the time of writing, Bungie has yet to announce a new date as to when FR would resume. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: