"Destiny 2" recently went through a weekly reboot, and we've seen a fresh group of Verses become available at Brother Lance on planet Mercury. Ever since that happened, the number of fans trying to complete the new quests has been increasing every hour. The main quest is not that hard to complete if you know what you're doing, and especially if you know that Saint-14's Shotgun and emblem are waiting for you at the end. Let's dive in and let me guide you through the whole thing.

Getting started with the quest

In order to complete this particular quest, you first have to unlock it, and you can do so by finding the Lost Verse from Brother Vance.

It's called Legends Lost, and the Lost Verse will only become visible after Verse 10 is fully completed. That said, there's been some speculation going around today about what players need to do to actually be able to get the Lost Verse. One theory suggests that only those who have previously completed the whole Verse collection from Brother Vance will be able to find it. Another theory says it's merely a bug and that it'll show up. Let's move on with the assumption that you can find it.

Do the Signal Light mission first

Want to be a step closer to Saint-14's shotgun? This mission is that step. Head over to planet Mercury and into the Infinite Forest, and there you'll find this particular mission.

After you've done your job, head over to the Lighthouse and report to Brother Vance.

Get your hands on Forge-weapon materials

Once you get to this point, you've probably realized that Brother Vance now wants you to gather materials for the Verse. Any player in pursuit of Saint-14's shotgun will need to find:

  • 2 Concentrated radiolarian cultures
  • 2 Advanced paradox amplifiers
  • 2 Fossilized hermaion blossoms

Don't worry if you don't know how to get these materials.

First of all, you need 10 Radiolarion cultures in order to make a single concentrated version of the material. You can find these by going through Public Events or by giving destination chests a try. Note that destination chests might give you the concentrated version on their own. Titan is probably the best location to find a lot of chests to open.

Let's move on. You can get your hands on some Paradox amplifiers by going through the Heroic Strike playlist, or trying to see if they'll drop once you've completed a few Crucible games. Like the Cultures, you also need 10 basic Amplifiers in order to create an advanced version.

And finally, you get Fossilized hermaion blossoms by also going through Heroic Strike, but you can also go for completing Nightfall or Trials of the Nine games. Players are reporting that the last two pieces are the hardest to find, so don't give up easily.

Complete the Not Even The Darkness mission

Once you've collected all the necessary materials, another mission will become available. Brother Vance will send you off to discover more about Saint-14's fate.

This particular mission is quite interesting so I don't want to spoil it with disclosing any more details. You might also want to take a sneak peek inside Saint-14's room. Return to Brother Vance when you're done with the mission.

Get the Saint-14 shotgun and emblem

That's pretty much it! After completing the last mission, players will be able to forge the now-popular shotgun, and they'll also receive Saint-14's emblem. Just like Hawthorne's shotgun, this one also fires full-auto, and also has the Rampage ability. Rampage stacks kills as damage but it's limited to three stacks.