A couple of alleged leaks came out about "Destiny 2's" next downloadable content with the most recent hinting about the Warminds, Mars, and Ana Bray. Additional details about the upcoming expansion have surfaced yet again and the community is not buying it.

Pretty sketchy

The "Destiny 2" player base is pretty much convinced by now that the online-only shooter's next DLC will be named "Gods Of Mars" as it will likely tap famed Gunslinger Ana Bray as the game segment's protagonist. That being said, the Japanese arm of the PlayStation Store is in question once again as another Redditor (GodsofMarsLeak) claimed that the mentioned PSN vendor made another slip up in rolling out intel about the game's DLC.

Per the alleged leak (that is now removed), "Gods of Mars" will be set in Mars' Clovis Grove where Guardians will be working with Ana Bray. It further explained that the awakened warmindCharlemagne has held another of its kind – Rasputin, captive inside an ancient vault. The leak also mentioned SIVA-enhanced Frames that will be the expansion's new enemy faction.

Those who got to check the so-called leak were not convinced by what is deemed by many as an elaborate hoax. Another Redditor (ZOZOT3), who claims to be Japanese stated that the Japanese PSN leak does not make any sense, adding that the translation might be done through Google's translation service.

The Redditor also pointed out that the PSN store posting used a US PlayStation Store policy instead of a Japanese one.

The purported leak did not get much love from the "Destiny 2" player base obviously. However, the leakster posted another screenshot from the US PSN store containing the same DLC 2 details. Game buffs, on the other hand, noticed that the image for the expansion was somewhat distorted making it another failed attempt.

'Music of the Spheres'

Speaking of leaks, the eight-track album that was supposed to be rolled out alongside the first "Destiny" has just been leaked some days ago. Known as "Music of the Spheres," it is a musical collaboration by Michael Salvatori, Martin O'Donnell, and Sir Paul McCartney.

However, due to some differences between O'Donnell and Activision, the composer was axed from the project and the musical pieces were shelved until it got leaked.

Dmg04 – Keep the feedback coming

Meanwhile, "Destiny" Player Support known as dmg04 recently took to Twitter to advise players to keep sending in their feedback about the game especially with the much despised Eververse.

He went on stating that he'll keep collecting feedback as he will represent the community within the studio. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: