Dice games, the creator of such game franchises as "Battlefield," and "Mirror's Edge," have released their brand new Star Wars game "Battlefront 2." As with most games, this one was released at a moderate price of $60 with deluxe editions at higher prices. None of the previous information is new in any sense, but, normally when a game is first released, it runs at the release price for at least three months. "Battlefront 2," is quite the different case. The game was just released November 17, 2017; however, the price has dropped dramatically. In fact, the drop is almost 50 percent of the originally released price.

Why did Dice drop the price on their latest game they released so far?

About the game

Dice's new entry into Star Wars drops brand new online and offline components. Starting with the offline, the previous entry their "Star Wars: Battlefront," did not have a campaign or a story mode, that was playable. "Battlefront," only had survival missions and battle modes that were lackluster. The new "Battlefront 2," has a brand new campaign that is a bridge between "Star Wars Episode VI," and the new universe created by Disney Corporation. The graphics look absolutely stunning, as most Dice made games do, along with an emotional tale of the one of the Empire's most elite unit's "Inferno Squad." However, the game's price dramatically dropped due to people not buying it.

The price dropped from $60 to $35. Even more astonishing than that, the deluxe edition, which was $79.99, dropped to $45.

Comparing old and new

"Star Wars Battlefront," did not have any kind of emotional, or captivating, story such as "Battlefront 2," but it did have better sales. This drop in sales of the latest game comes from the overwhelming negativity created around loot box systems in games.

At the time the game was released, there was a huge controversy over loot box systems in games that claimed these systems should be considered gambling. The first game of this series did not have a loot box system. As you leveled up online, 'star cards,' and weapons became readily available to the player. However, "Battlefront 2," introduced a loot box system, which means, that as you level up as a player, instead of getting a star card that is easily available to everyone, you can get one that is better than everyone else's, or get one that is worse.

With this mentality instilled in gamers, nobody wanted to get the game because of the random chance aspect. As far as the loot box system goes, people found out that if you bought the associated downloadable contents for the game, that give you everything that you can get out of loot boxes, you might as well have paid for the game a second time.

Dice has made a lot of great game franchise's, this article is not saying that "Battlefront 2," is by any means a bad game. "Star Wars Battlefront 2," is a great game, with a great campaign and awesome online gameplay. It was simply the micro-transaction route that Dice chose to use, that caused this game grief.