The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal the game file sizes of the sequel's first DLC expansion, "Curse of Osiris" for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC platforms. Bungie will launch the new DLC story in the game on Dec. 5. and they will announce more details about it after its system maintenance.

The video game publisher announced new plans for ranked PvP events for "Destiny 2" next year. Video game fans have been wondering if ranked PvP matches will be available in the sequel and the developers are working hard to figure out a way to present it into the game properly.

'Curse of Osiris' file size revealed

According to Bungie, console users will need 88 GB of free space for the PlayStation 4 and 44 GB for the Xbox One. PC users are required to have 68 GB of free space to install the "Curse of Osiris" update into the PC version.

The video game publisher also announced the pre-load time for the first DLC expansion as they expect it to launch at 8 AM PST. Community Manager DeeJ promised fans more details about its launch day after the sequel's system maintenance.

The "Curse of Osiris" DLC expansion will feature the Guardians exploring the uncharted areas of planet Mercury to find and rescue the legendary vanguard, Osiris, from the Vex. The players must stop a new Vex invasion and Osiris holds the key to the universe's survival.

Game director Luke Smith and project head Mark Noseworthy announced that the DLC will feature a new Economy system as vendors can sell new weapons, gears, loots, tokens and legendary shards.

There is also a new reward system wherein players can now easily achieve rewards for unlocking character gears and weapons. Smith and Noseworthy will announce more details for the game based on the numerous fan feedbacks, and it will be a "make or break" moment for the sequel.

New Crucible maps are added in the sequel and plans for a bonus map in its second season. The player's level cap has been increased from 20 to 25 and the power level from 300 to 330 or 350 when they have the Legendary Mods.

Ranked PvP

Bungie plans to add a new ranked PvP feature in "Destiny 2" next year as fans have been asking for it since the sequel's announcement.

The game publisher acknowledges the need for a ranked PvP matches for competitive players in order to make the game more interesting and improved its mechanics in the future.

Ranked gameplay has been so coveted because it adds a new dynamic PvP and it gives Crucible fans a reason to grind for in the sequel. For now, players will just have to wait for more details from Bungie next year.

The sequel is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.