The updates for "Destiny 2" reveal a new Leviathan Raid added to the sequel's upcoming DLC expansion, "Curse of Osiris." Bungie announced the "Raid Lair" into the game as players will have the opportunity to explore new sections of the Leviathan and earn more rewards, weapons, gears, and loots.

The sequel's game developer, Dave Matthews, also teased that players will encounter new Vex type enemies for the first DLC expansion, and they must find other ways and strategies to fight them.

The Raid Lair

According to Bungie, the Leviathan Raid will take place below the Calus Palace, and players are given a new gear and an increased power level cap.

The game publisher is planning to launch the new raid which will be live on Dec. 5, also the release date for the "Curse of Osiris" DLC expansion.

The story of the new expansion will take place on Mercury as the Guardians must find the legendary vanguard, Osiris, as he holds the key to stopping the rise of a new Vex army.The players will have a new level cap at 25 and a power level of 330 or 350 if they use the Legendary Mods.

Players can explore the mysterious Infinite Forest and the Lighthouse settlement. They can also engage new strikes and raids in order to collect new loot, weapons, and gears to increase their characters status and power.

Bungie told Gamerant in a previous interview that they are looking for new ways to improve the sequel's gameplay features and lore.

The latter also teased the next expansion will launch in Spring 2018 around May or April. The plot of the second expansion will depend on the aftermath of the "Curse of Osiris" story.

New Vex enemies

"Destiny 2" developer Dave Matthews announced new Vex type enemies for "Curse of Osiris" expansion as he told Italian game website Everyeye that players will have to think of new strategies to combat them.

"This kind of content offers us precious opportunity to deepen Destiny's fame in a variety of ways," Matthews said. "This expansion is all about the Vex: We want you to know how they operate, how they think, how they can exist outside of time, how their machines work, and how the Vex uses them to achieve their goals."

Video game fans speculated that the Vex will have new color schemes to determine their combat difficulty, giving them a chance to think of new ways to exploit their weaknesses. The Vex will play an intricate role in the first expansion as they need Osiris's secret to dominate the universe.