A lot of great games were released this year for the PS. We still have games being released this month including new titles for PlayStation Plus. You can expect December's Lineup of PlayStation Plus games to be free as well.That's great news if you are a subscriber. Who wouldn't love to get their hands on some free games especially since the new games being released this month won't be cheap? Here is a rundown of this month's lineup.

PS3 & PS4 titles

One of the PS4 titles being released is "Darksiders II: Deathfinitive Edition." This edition includes all the DLC, new rendering method, and enhanced lighting.

That means the graphics have been enhanced to where the textures look more realistic. The game has been reworked for next-gen consoles. "Kung-Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends" is the other PS4 title being released. It is a brawling based game where up to four players battle in various locations. There are a variety of modes in single player and multiplayer. Multiplayer modes will have local and online play.

The PS3 titles being released via PS Plus are "Syberia Collection" and "Xblaze: Lost Memories." "Syberia Collection" includes "Syberia" and "Syberia 2." The games revolve around Kate Walker who is a lawyer from New York. She is sent to a remote French village in order to wrap up a sale on her firm's behalf.

Her mission takes her across various parts of Europe and Russia. Meanwhile, her relationship with her fiance deteriorates in the process. It is an adventure game where players must solve puzzles in order for the story to proceed.

"Xblaze: Lost Memories" is a visual novel that is a sequel to "Xblaze Code: Embryo." It is based on the Blazblue Universe.

You play as the pink-haired protagonist who is on a journey to save her sister. You must navigate through an alternate world called Phantom Field to find her. You must collect memory fragments in order to advance in the game.

PS Vita and PS VR

"Forma.8" and" Wanted Corp" are the PS Vita titles coming via PS Plus. In "Forma.8" you are stranded on an alien planet alone.

Your mission is to find a powerful energy source. Throughout the game, you will solve ancient mysteries, explore a huge open world, and face powerful bosses. In "Wanted Corp," you play as the bounty hunter Neal H. Maddogg. Your mission is to hunt down the scum of the universe. A PS Vita memory card is required to play the game though.

PS VR owners are in luck because Sony is giving away "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" until Jan. 2nd. It is a survival horror arcade shooter. Members in Canada and Latin America can download it as well. From Dec. 9th through the 12 PS Plus members can get access to the "Monster Hunter World Beta" as well. Starting Dec. 12th members can get a Smite bundle pack that includes skins, voice packs, and 20 Gods for free.