After receiving another backlash from the community, Bungie finally addressed the issue regarding some locked out endgame contents of "Destiny 2," including the postponement of the Faction Rally event. Also, now that the insanely overpowered Prometheus Lens is about to get nerfed, some players have found ways to appreciate a couple of grenade launchers in the game.

Bungie's mistake

Bungie has recently posted another blog post on their website as they detail some changes that are about to happen in the game. Per the latest post, the developer has admitted that they made a blunder out of the contents of "Destiny 2."

The game maker also stated that their move to lockout certain contents in the game is to preserve their relevance in the game as their player base grows more powerful with every expansion.

However, the overwhelming uproar of the players made them come up with a decision to roll out some tweaks to once and for all resolve the issue. Beginning this week, players can expect to notice these changes:

  • All players will now be allowed to play Prestige Raids as its power level will be brought back to 300 alongside its nerfed reward.
  • Trials of the Nine will also be available to all players. The "Curse of Osiris" will only become a requisite when it features the "CoO" map. The same applies to the Normal Nightfall.
  • With its 330 power cap, the Prestige Nightfall will still be the so-called "pinnacle activity."
  • The Dawning, Iron Banner, and the Faction Rally will also be made available to all players.

The game maker went on stating that these changes will go live today (Dec.

12) after update is fully installed. They added that they are also planning to improve "Destiny 2's" Heroic Strike as they are slated to chip in new modifiers and challenges, not to mention free access.

The Colony and Fighting Lion

Meanwhile, quite a number of fans are appreciating what could be "Destiny 2's" "worst Exotic" - the Fighting Lion.

Per Redditor Blaze_Lighter, the Exotic grenade launcher inflicts 224 damage. There's a catch though. In order to attain this, players need to land precision shots toward enemies that are pretty tricky to pull off.

Another Exotic that's been gaining popularity in the PvP is the Colony. Fans are very much aware by now of its robotic bugs that explode once they're near/in contact with enemies.

This new Exotic is also quite handy in blowing up corner campers in the game.

As mentioned, Faction Rally has been shelved this week to ensure that all players can access the activity alongside its rewards. At the time of writing, Bungie has not revealed when this activity will resume. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.