After the XP throttling debacle has been discovered, alongside other issues that followed, it has been a bumpy ride for Bungie's "Destiny 2." The game's first DLC - "Curse of Osiris" - was not well received by most players, as it struggled to win back its dwindling player base. However, an alleged leak has surfaced and it provided details about the next expansion that is expected to arrive in Spring of 2018. Website XboxOneUK revealed many of the details shared in this article.

"Destiny 2" fans may already have an idea what DLC number two could be, as it was hinted in the game's Expansion Pass.

Aside from a female Guardian that can be seen in the promotional photo, not to mention that this expansion is likely connected to the Warminds, nothing much has been disclosed.

DLC 2 to tackle the 'final god of pain?'

However, data miners have managed to dig deep into "Destiny 2's" game files and unearthed what could be some interesting details about the next game segment. Be reminded though, that this intel should be chewed on with some pinches of salt unless it was made official by Bungie.

If this alleged leak is anything to go by, the next expansion could be called the "Heralds of Nezarec." The name is very familiar since there's also an Exotic Helmet (Nezarec's Sin) that goes by that name.

Also, the "Destiny" lore noted that Nezarec is a "malevolent deity" and even described as the "final god of pain."

The likely protagonist

The leaked information further revealed that the next DLC will be set in the icy moon of Saturn, Enceladus, and it will showcase 10 missions with three new strikes. Another interesting thing that was also revealed in the alleged leak is that the story may well seem to revolve around Ana Bray.

For the uninitiated, Ana participated in the Battle of Twilight Gap, where she donned a cloak whose pattern has some striking similarities with the Strength of the Pack. She's also a member of the Bray bloodline and a Gunslinger Hunter.

That being said, it is believed that the technology known as SIVA could still be alive and could pose another threat within "Destiny 2." Fans might remember the colony ship known as Exodus Black on Nessus as this was believed to be harboring SIVA that was supposed to travel towards the Kepler-186 system.

The data mined info also revealed that the so-called Nezarec expansion will be chipping in a couple of new alien races that are initially known as Heralds and Frames. Information about these races are still difficult to come by, but the leak suggests that these new enemies are likely to follow the Nezarec fellow. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" below.