Last year’s "Pokemon GO’s" Christmas Event arrived with good tidings for its players. Free incubators and new gift packs were awarded to the players. They celebrated the end of the year with "Pokemon GO" in a great way. As the year draws closer to an end, fans are so eager to know about the "Pokemon GO" 2017 Christmas event. The long-awaited event has been confirmed and is expected to launch December 25. A report by the Daily Express relayed most of the information used in this article.

Though Niantic has been keeping the details on what to expect in this year’s Christmas event a secret, a few leaks have given the "Pokemon GO" fans a clue on what to expect.

However, if the new leaks happen to be true, a new box sale which will include the new Star piece item which boosts Stardust gains by 50 percent over 30 minutes, and an incubator, should be expected by trainers.

Delibird will join 'Pokemon GO' this Christmas

Delibird, a holiday-themed Pokemon that gives out “presents” from its sack-like tail has been delayed due to the complicated nature of one of the moves found in the code. This fast and special move known as “present” either heals or attacks the opponent. Most players assumed that "Pokemon GO" was saving Delibird for the holiday season. Finally, it has been revealed that Delibird’s special “present” move has been added to the game. According to data miners, it is ready to be launched as part of the new Christmas event.

Niantic announces a new AR plus mode for iPhone 6S and other newer models

The "Pokemon GO" developer has announced a new augmented reality feature for devices running iOS 11. According to Niantic, the AR+ mode will add a new dynamic gameplay to "Pokemon GO" encounters, which will provide more ways for trainers to get closer and catch Pokemon.

However, the trainers will need to be very careful while approaching the Pokemon, because a quick approach will cause them to flee. Using AR+ to get closer to it has unique gameplay benefits which include being awarded the new Expert Handler Bonus. Also, players have been assured that the weather effect feature, which is included in one of the new "Pokemon GO" Gen 3 updates, will not affect the upcoming Christmas 2017 event.

Niantic developer Matt Slemon said that what mattered most, when it comes to the weather feature, is that they enforced it as an AR feature, and want the weather to reflect what it is like outside.

According to the development team, this year’s event will be fun. There will be a lot of interesting things to do in the upcoming event. The Pokemon fans are so expectant and can’t wait to finally confirm if the leaks are true or not.