Just this week, "Cuphead," developed by Studio MDHR in Ontario, has reached over two million copies purchased. "Cuphead" is a ‘run and gun action game’ with gameplay focused on boss battles. Released in Sept. 29. of this year, the game has gone viral since its release. (Just two weeks after it came out it hit the one million sold mark.)

The game currently available on XboxOne, Windows 10, and Steam (on PC), but is likely to expand to other platforms as the game gains traction. While gamers are not sure if there will be a ‘Cuphead 2’ in the future, there has been talk of releasing a multiplayer mode later on next year.

So why is 'Cuphead' so successful?

One thing that most people seem to adore about the game is the animation style. The studio took inspiration from 1930s-style cartoons and have stayed true to this muse throughout the process. All of the animations within the game were hand drawn and watercolored using the same techniques from the time period. The art and authenticity is something that is greatly appreciated by fans.

Speaking of authenticity, another thing that makes the game unique is the lack of microtransactions or in-game purchases. While the trade of money for virtual goods is used to provide revenue for developers, many gamers can feel like they are being scammed. In "Cuphead," there is only one up-front purchase, putting all gamers on the same playing field.

Steam: iTunes for gamers

Another source of the game’s success is its availability on Steam, a game distribution platform. The best way of describing Steam is like iTunes for gamers. For those who don’t already know how it works, the user makes an account with the Steam app where they can purchase and play Games and can log in on any computer to play.

Steam also offers deals on games that would typically be pretty pricey. This relatively new availability to a greater number of users could also be a contributing factor towards Cuphead’s viral successes.

A difficult game: Good or bad?

An additional point to mention is the game’s difficulty. While most people don’t want a game to be too difficult, "Cuphead" at its easiest requires a good amount of skill to have a good time.

This has been somewhat of a controversy, with some asking if the difficulty is causing a decrease in users or causing the game to be less enjoyable. Some gamers applaud the "Cuphead" for its increased difficulty, others abhor it. Either way, most users agree that being able to enjoy the game as an art form is worth it.