"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is the newest game in the "Animal Crossing" series and the first to be released on mobile platforms. After being announced back in October, the game was released last month, on November 21, 2017, and has popped up in articles everywhere. Now that we've had some time to really discover the game and delve into the secrets that aren't mentioned in Isabelle's beginner's guide, it's time to share some tips and tricks to help players take advantage of a free-to-play game that has over five million downloads and thousands of reviews and ratings.


When you start your game, you'll be asked which of the four camp types you want; cute, cool, sporty, or natural. What you choose makes no difference in the game as you can craft any of the tents available, which then enables you to have up to two types of amenities from any of the four camp types. For example, once you've leveled up your amenities, you could have the cute-type tree swing combined with the natural-type picnic.

When you have an animal in your campsite, it takes a lot longer to level them up because they usually only ask for one request a day, rather than the three you get when you visit campers around your map. Keep this in mind before you ask a camper to come to your campsite.

Campers will give you special items at various points during your friendship. You'll get a t-shirt of some kind when your friendship with them hits level seven, Sparkling Stones at level nine, a furniture item at level 15, and their picture in a frame at level 20.

When you level up or log in, you'll get rewards automatically sent to your mailbox.

These can vary from resources to Leaf Tickets.

Your camper

Your camper can be customized at OK Motors. Here, you can request for your rooms to be bigger, for another room, to change your camper style, and paint jobs for your camper. Paint jobs vary from a standard look to a more specialized one. Special paint jobs are more expensive in-game, costing 150 leaf tickets, or 8,000+ bells, depending on design.


Requests from campers visiting your map are the best way to level up your friendship, get crafting materials, and more bells. Each animal will make three requests, and you can also chat with them for extra friendship points (this only works the first time you talk to them).

You can use a Request Card on a camper to get three more requests from them and using the card also adds friendships points.

If you want a specific camper to visit your map, you can use a Calling Card. If you call a camper to one of the places on your map, they'll replace the visiting campsite manager who may be a friend or just a stranger who's character has found their way to your camp map.


When a new camper shows up on your map, you should always make a point to go and talk to them right away.

Not only does this raise your friendship with them, but it also means you can call them back later using a Calling Card. If you don't, who knows when they could show up again.

As mentioned, each camper will give you different resources for completing requests. Prioritizing campers who will give you the items or essences that you need is a sure way to level up your camp faster.

You can have up to eight campers in your campsite at any time. To switch campers out to others that you've invited, you simply click on the cat icon on the right-hand side of the screen, click the picture of the camper you want to send home, and confirm. To add a camper, click on a free space, choose a camper, and confirm.


The Marketplace is a great way to find items for your campsite/camper, or clothes and accessories for your character to wear. It can refresh up to twice a day, usually with Kicks replacing the Able Sisters at night.

You can also find Isabelle here, who will happily show you your current goal list, and the Beginner's Guide, should you need it again.

Special items

Special items can be crafted in-game. At the moment, you can craft both Tom Nook and K.K. Slider's chairs, but even if you have both in your camp, only one of them will visit at any time. Their chairs will be available to craft until early January 2018.

There are also seasonal items available. At the moment, there are Christmas-themed items which you can craft for candy canes throughout December 2017.


One tree on your map (not a fruit tree) can be shaken each day to earn up to 1000 bonus bells.

Nintendo account

By linking your game to your My Nintendo account you can activate a series of objectives to complete (camper requests completed, linking your account to Twitter etc.) that let you earn Nintendo points. These points can then be used to buy resources, bells, and OK Motors merchandise.

Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets can be earned in various ways such as log-in bonuses, level-up bonuses, or by buying them. If you link your My Nintendo Account, you can also get 50 Leaf Tickets for free.