Last month, Epic Games rolled out a State of Development blog post for "Fortnite" as one of its highlights focused on the game's growing number of team kill incidents. The developer somewhat admitted that they've "dropped the ball" on this aspect of the game adding that it needs some improvement. However, several days after the blog post was released, news came out that a pretty well-known Streamer just got banned after shooting down his teammates during a match.

In response

Popular "Fortnite" streamer who goes by the moniker AlexRamiGaming was recently banned from the battle royale shooter after performing team kills to some of his teammates.

It has been the talk among players as of late since the incident was streamed and was witnessed by quite a number of fans. However, the video was already removed, though Alex posted a new video showing that he was vetoed from playing the game. The streamer even posted a response on the "Fortnite" subreddit addressing his current status in the game.

Per AlexRami, his account wasn't intended for team kills, but instead "made for challenges." He also pointed out that this made him feel like he is being singled out since he and other players are well aware that TKs are very much rampant in "Fortnite." Alex even went on questioning Epic's penalty on his main account since the TK incident happened on his other account.

Fans of both the streamer and the game, on the other hand, are now having split opinions about this. Most fans on Alex's YouTube channel are quite irked about it and want Epic to lift the ban on the streamer. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of "Fortnite" faithfuls over on the subreddit who were not happy about what he did.

Quite an overhaul

Meanwhile, the latest blog post has laid out what Epic has been planning on for the game. Alongside the TK overhaul are other tweaks which include a new shooting model to get rid of those "random bullet spreads while aiming down sights." Epic is also working on the game's inventory for it to look cleaner so that players can manage their items with ease.

The game maker is also planning to put up new points of interest within "Fortnite's" map. By the time this goes live in the game, it will definitely add more variety to the shooter, not to mention that untapped spots on the map will be filled and utilized. For a more detailed look on this, check on the game's official website. Watch a video about the battle royale shooter here: