November 21, 2017, saw the release of "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" for Android and iOS. The game was announced this time last month, at the end of October, and is the first in the "Animal Crossing" series to be released as a mobile game app. Considering the number of downloads on Android alone (which is currently sitting at just over 80,000) its safe to say that a lot of people are already giving this free-to-play social simulation game a try. Of course, as an avid fan of the series, I've downloaded the new app, too.

A first look

First impressions are important, especially with a game that has such a large fanbase already.

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" delivers everything you expect from an "Animal Crossing" game from the loading screen, including adorable, soothing music, pleasing graphics that are very much like previous games in the series, and a visit from our favorite guitar-playing dog, K.K. Slider.

The first thing you do, after making your character, is to assist Isabelle in setting up your camp. You have a choice of 4 types of campsites: Natural, Cute, Cool, and Sporty.


"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" plays so similarly to its predecessors on Nintendo DS and Gamecube that there is really no difference for players that have owned the previous games. You'll find that you slide right back into the gameplay with ease, and players that are new to the "Animal Crossing" series won't have any trouble getting used to the controls.

Obviously, the controls are different, considering it's a mobile app, so everything is accessible from the main screen, at the tap of your finger.

There's less running around, too. You can contact Cyrus from the main screen, and your character owns a phone to call them and request furniture to be built, it's then delivered to you once it's completed, and it's up to you to place it in the areas of your camp.

Other sections of the world can be found on the map icon, and clicking them enables your character to travel in their camper to that site.

Other locations

Other sites on the map, not including your own campsite, are as follows:

The Market Place, where you can buy decorations and furniture from the Nooklings, and clothing and accessories from the Able sisters.

There is a rotating selection of shops available daily for all of your buying pleasures. This is also where you'll find Isabelle, should you need her for the Beginner's Guide, or to view all of your goals.

Lost Lure Creek, where you can fish using your fishing rod and your net. There are also fruit trees here.

Shovelstrike Quarry, which you can only enter using 20 Leaf Tickets, or using help from 5 of your friends. Here you help Lloid find minerals, and get rewards.

OK Motors, for all your camper customization needs, with new characters Giovanni, Beppe, and Carlo.

Breezy Hollow, which is full of fruit trees.

Saltwater Shores, which is another fishing location like Lost Lure Creek.

And finally, Sunburst Island, which is where you can catch insects.

Campers and friends

There are campers in various locations on the map, and to ask them to move into your campsite, you have to meet all of their criteria, including their friendship level. Crafting materials are given as rewards for completing goals or tasks given to you by the population of "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp," and you can use these materials to build the furniture that the travelers require to want to move into your camp.

You'll also find other players wandering around your map, and you can send them a friend request, as well as see their market box, which is a selection of items that they have for sale. You have your own ID code in-game, and you can copy this, and send it to people you know so that they can add you.

Goals and Bonuses

Alongside daily log-in bonuses, two types of Goals will give you rewards: Timed Goals and Stretch Goals. Timed Goals are self-explanatory, you have a set amount of time to complete the goal that Isabelle sets for you, and once it's completed, you'll be eligible for a reward, which is sent to your mailbox. Stretch Goals aren't timed, and a lot of the prizes are crafting materials and Leaf Tickets. Again, these rewards go to your mailbox, which is found on the menu. Make sure you remember to collect them because they do have a storage time limit, though it can be anything from a few days to just under a month.

Additional information

The only micro-transaction that players have come across so far is Leaf Tickets, which you can use to unlock items, craft items quicker, and use to enter Shovelstrike Quarry.

You don't have to buy Leaf Tickets to progress in the game, as you can earn them, but for the less patient players, the option to purchase more is available.

At the moment, you can't craft your own clothes, but the tab is there on the menu with a note that says it's coming soon.

K.K. Slider commented at the start of the game that he'd hopefully "see you soon," so he may very well be making more appearances in-game, hopefully reprising his role as a traveling musician.

There's no sign of Resetti or Blathers (among others) as of yet, and they aren't listed on the official site's character list, either. There are other new and returning characters that I haven't mentioned; you'll just have to play to find out. Happy Camping!