"Destiny 2" players can choose factions for the second time around, now that the Faction Rally event has returned. Just like the first installment of the activity, a growing number of players have discovered another bug within the game that allows them to Farm tokens and turn them in for some nifty loot.

Harvest before Bungie patches

The latest glitch quickly rose to notoriety when a couple of gaming channels over on YouTube showed how it's done. They even advised "Destiny 2" players to take advantage of this new Faction token farming glitch before Bungie patches it up.

Per the video, players need to head on over to the European Dead Zone (EDZ) where an area known as the Winding Cover is located. Go to the northern portion of the Lost Sector. From there, a large hole in the ground can be found.

Players have the option to take down enemies lurking inside of it or to just dodge them. However, those who already tried this trick find it best to clear out the cave system from enemies since they found out that these bogies hit like a truck. The important step to do here is to defeat the boss before opening the chest.

After opening the chest, players need to go inside the door directly above the chest. Walk through the tunnel until the "Winding Cove" checkpoint shows up on the screen.

Head back to the door and open the chest once again. Fans will just have to repeat the door entry-Winding Cove checkpoint steps from that point. At the time of writing this article, the glitch still works like a charm.

Ban wave round two

Previously, there were "Destiny 2" players on the PC who were erroneously slapped with bans.

Another ban wave has just occurred and players are getting irked about it. These players believe that they've been sanctioned for using third-party programs.

Bungie's Community Manager Cozmo recently straightened things out. He stated that players can get banned from playing the game if they have cheating tools running even if these are not pointed at "Destiny 2." He added that "no one is being banned for third-party applications that try to inject overlays like Discord, XSplit, OBS, RTSS, Shadowplay, etc."

That being said, fans of the game are advised to close any cheat tools that are still running on their PC before playing "Destiny 2." Bungie does not differentiate the cheat tools for "D2" and the cheat tools for other titles.

Faction Rallies will run until November 13. Check out a video about the game below.