After the Black Friday sales, a new deal has appeared for the Xbox consoles. Several Xbox One and Xbox 360 game title Deals are currently being offered right now by Microsoft. While it does not contain a lot of popular games, there are still some interesting deals to be had.

This will be the last chance for Xbox Live Gold members to get free games for November. There are several Games With Gold titles right now that are worth downloading. Players can download some Xbox One and Xbox 360 game titles for free.

Xbox One Titles included in the Deals with Gold promo

Microsoft offered good deals for several titles for the recent console platform. Kisima Ingitchuna’sNever Alone” has its price discounted to only $3. The game’s first expansion called Foxtales is also discounted for only $2 right now, and the “Never Alone Arctic Collection” is currently $3.60.

Mordheim: City of the Damned” is currently on sale for $10. Two add-ons for the game, which are Witch Hunters and Undead, can be purchased for $6.69 each.

Snowcastle Game’sEarthlock: Festival of Magic” has a 75 percent discount off its original price. Live Gold members can purchase it for $7.50 right now.

Xbox 360 Deals with Gold titles

Microsoft also offered several deals for the Xbox 360 titles.

One of the classic titles that got the Deals with Gold treatment was “ArcaniA,” which was a Games on Demand title. Xbox Live Gold members can purchase this title for only $1.99 right now.

Old school game title “Conan” had a price of $19.99, but it got the Deals with Gold discount. Members can now purchase this classic game for only $1.99.

They will have to open up some space on their console’s hard drive because it will take up 5.21 GB.

All of the titles included in the Deals with Gold promo will be available until Dec. 5. Some of these deals need a Live Gold membership.

Free Games with Gold for November

This will be the last chance for Live Gold members to acquire these free game titles for this month.

For the recent console, they can download all five episodes of “Tales from the Borderlands” for free. They can also get “Trackmania Turbo” for this platform.

For the old console platform, “Deadfall Adventures” can be downloaded for free. It can be played on the recent console as well through the backward compatibility feature.

Players can download all of these free games for this month except for “Tales from the Borderlands.” It will stay free until Dec. 15.

Check out the Xbox November 2017 Games with Gold trailer here: