Nintendo’s mobile version of their popular community simulation game was recently released and was warmly received by fans. The game tasks players to make new friends and just explore the village casually. As expected, some of the activities and items in “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” require bells or leaf tickets, wherein the latter is the premium currency used in-game. Just like other free-to-play mobile games, players can opt to purchase these with real money. However, the following guide will help you earn both with minimal effort

Reload ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’

It’s a good idea to start collecting items that might be needed at a later time.

Players can begin catching bugs or fish and jump-start their inventory early in the game. Unlike fruits, which take around three hours to regrow after they have been harvested, the aforementioned items actually refresh as soon as the player leaves the area. Re-enter the same location and capture those creatures all over again.

Keep your Marketbox stocked at all times

Most “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” players often forget that they have a Marketbox assigned to their account. Most of the time users just browse through their friend’s own store and grab what they need. Keep your items stocked and restock once they are sold to earn more bells.

Friendship equals more opportunities

One of the easiest steps to open more prospects for earning currency is to keep making friends.

Gamers can actually encounter up to four new players every three hours and request to add them as pals. Chances are, most of these individuals will just accept your invitation outright since there doesn’t seem to be any downsides. The bigger your list, the better the chance you can request assistance and grab items from their Marketboxes.

Conversation is the key

In “Pocket Camp,” you are encouraged to explore your village and interact with the NPCs. Some of them might have a gift for you or ask you for some items. Some will ask for fruits, bugs, and fish, which should be in abundance by now if you followed one of the tips mentioned above.

Don’t forget to level up your friendship with villagers

To earn a substantial amount of bells in a short amount of time, players are advised to raise their friendship levels with each villager to at least level three. Completing a quest earns you 100 bells and you get another 200 bells for each level up. Furthermore, the task also boosts your overall level that can potentially generate another 1,000 bells.

Lending a helping hand

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” might feel like a grind to earn more money after a while. However, if players have followed most of the tips detailed in this guide, they should already have an extensive list of friends by now. Now it’s time to put that to good use by earning extra bells just by helping them out.

Pay attention to any of your new pals who are requesting help to get to Shovelstrike Mountain. These can generate anywhere from 10 to 100 bells for each individual assisted. The game has already been downloaded more than 15 million times since its launch, which seems like another success in what has been a great year for Nintendo.