There's only a few days left before the turn of the month. For gamers, this only means one thing — free games! Xbox Games with Gold subscribers will again be treated to a new set of games available for download at the start of August. While Microsoft has not yet revealed its complete list of Xbox free games, a Spanish gaming site claims it has gotten its hands on the downloadable deals.

SomosXbox leaks Xbox Games with Gold August 2017 list

Spanish gaming site SomosXbox revealed what looked like the the Xbox's website banner showing the available games to subscribers.

While nothing has been confirmed, many believe the photo to be legitimate. It shows the Xbox Games with Gold August 2017 game covers side by side, with the "Games with Gold" title on top. Included in the list are two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games. Should the leak be accurate, gamers are in for a treat this coming August.

Xbox One Free Games

Assassin's Creed Chronicles India

Set in 1841 Amritsar, where tensions between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company continue to escalate. Arbaaz Mir must save his relationship with the maharajah's niece, Princess Pyara Kaur while also retrieving the diamond for the Assassin Brotherhood.

The game was released on January 12, 2016, as part of the "Assassin's Creed Chronicles" series.


"Firewatch" is a first-person mystery adventure game released on Xbox in September 2016. The title has received positive reviews and has even won several awards for its graphics and story.

The game follows the story of Henry, a Shoshone National Forest fire lookout in 1989. Strange things happen to him and his supervisor, Delilah.

And they navigate through the events to find out the truth behind a mystery that happened years ago.

Xbox 360 free Games with Gold

Condemned: Criminal Origins

"Assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit, Agent Ethan Thomas must answer this question, and bring the worst of society to justice. His solve rate is the best in the bureau....perhaps too good."

"Condemned" was released for Xbox 360 in 2008 and has since has a prequel and sequel spinoff.

Initial talks included a movie adaptation that never pushed through.

Forza Horizon 2

An open-world racing game exclusive to Microsoft Xbox, "Forza Horizon 2" is the seventh installment in the gaming franchise. Released in 2014, the game featured over 200 vehicles and was received by gamers. It had a rating of 86/100 on Metacritic.

Gamers can expect the complete and official list of Xbox Free Games with Gold August 2017 to be revealed within the week.