Just as when every "Destiny 2" player thought that the XP scaling controversy has been somewhat "patched up," then this happened. It has been discovered that the XP requisite for the adventure shooter has been doubled making the game's player base furious yet again.

Crunching the numbers again

Another Redditor (Aercus) recently took to "Destiny's" subreddit to reveal what's the real score behind the game's Experience Points system. The fan claims that Bungie somewhat nerfed the game's XP requirements up to 50 percent post-withdrawal of XP throttling.

Per the Reddit post, the player conducted some test runs to see if Bungie remained true to what they have recently stated about XPs. He gathered and recorded data during his two-hour gameplay alongside the Destiny Item Manager app and compared the results afterward. True enough, the data showed that the app only displayed half of the actual XP earned during gameplay while the expected DIM XP was reflected in the experience points that was gathered in-game.

In conclusion, the Redditor stated that Bungie apparently offers only 6 percent of the XPs that were lost due to throttling.

He further revealed that the experience bar was allegedly upped from the original 80K to 160K.

Bungie's response

Shortly after this discovery went online, Bungie may well seem to have admitted about it as they tweeted out stating that "Destiny 2's" API needs to be tweaked to show the actually earned experience points. The developer went on stating that the updated requisite to level up within the was indeed 160K.

As expected, most of the fans were infuriated about it. This made them feel that they were being lied to the second time after the so-called XP scaling. Some even pointed out the real-world money that they spent on both Bright Engrams and Bright Dust for Medallions just to boost XP.

Things to come

Meanwhile, Bungie's Game Director Luke Smith recently announced that the "Destiny 2" team would be rolling out details about some updates on the game next week.

Per the latest tweet, the intel to be divulged include a reward system for both armor and weapons, economy updates (which include legendary shards, acquisition of gears coming from vendors, and tokens), and other gameplay tweaks.

Also, the third installment of the "Curse of Osiris" livestream is bound to drop this Wednesday, November 29. The stream is said to focus more on the rewards within the DLC and how these endgame contents will change for the better.

"Destiny 2's" "Curse of Osiris" is slated to be out on December 5. Check out a video about the game here: