The Iron Oath” has been funded! The unexpected, successful Kickstarter blew developers away with the overwhelming support from backers. Curious Panda Games set a goal for $45,000 and got $94,524 pledged.

What is “The Iron Oath?” “Iron Oath” is a dark, turn-based, tactical RPG that focuses on tactics and guild management in a dynamic world. Players can recruit, manage, and take on missions. Every decision players make will affect their characters and the world that they are in, making each playthrough a unique experience.

What to expect

Curious Panda is planning on launching the game with 12 classes, each having their own unique active abilities and up to two possible passive abilities.

So far they have Paladin, Pyrolancer, Stormcaller, and Valkyrie in-game. They have Grappler, Hellraiser, Shifter, Sage, Warden, Nightstalker, Trickster, and Troubadour planned. Because they reached their stretch goal of $85k they will be adding even more skins, hairstyles, and helmets.

There are going to be several enemy types such as: region specific beasts, bandits, and various human factions, undead creatures, and the Blighted. Each character has their own set of abilities that cost Spirit to use. Players must be strategic in deciding how and when to use their abilities.

The developer, Curious Panda Games, listed several features on their Kickstarter page. They stated that it will have a large and dynamic overworld which consists of nine regions, with over fifty hubs to visit.

The game also has strong character development. Each recruitable character has their own backstory that can dynamically change depending on events they have gone through.

All the characters have dynamic dialogue, which can assist players, in addition to discussing several relevant topics that are occurring in the world. The game has a guild management system which allows players to control their guild's finances, resources, and alliances.

There are two different phases of gameplay, the Mission phase and the Overworld phase. The missions will focus on battling and exploration, while the Overworld phase focuses on managing guild affairs and traveling.

About the developers

Curious Panda consists of 3 members that have been working together for over 8 years. Chris Wingard on programming, Nik Mueller on art and animations, and Alex Roe on music. Their first title was, “Rhythm Destruction” and it was published on Steam in 2014.