Voltron” season 4 gave us a lot of things to anticipate for season 5. The last two episodes showed us the Coalition’s first ever major operation. The Paladins and their allies teamed up to finally take back Nazxela, a planet conquered by the Galra. Although they have successfully completed their mission, it wouldn’t be possible without everybody, especially the help of a certain Prince. What can we expect from “Voltron” season 5?

The Coalition’s first operation

The last two episodes featured The Paladins’ first operation with the members of the Coalition.

Together with all of their allies, Shiro penned a meticulous plan to free the planet Naxzela from the Galrans finally. The first part of the operation is to meddle with the Galran communications. While they are blind to all the ships that may come near the planet; Matt and his team will capture a Galra cannon while Keith and the rest of the Blades of Malmora capture another one. Capturing the cannons will give Voltron more freedom to move around and save the planet. Overall, the plan was made for success.

However, that did not happen. What the Coalition didn’t know was Naxzela is a massive bomb, a trap set up by Zarkon’s witch, Hagar. It’s so deadly that it would not just destroy the Legendary Defender, but the entire Coalition fleet was waiting outside the planet itself.

During the fight, the Paladins and the rest of their allies were too late. By the time that they knew, Hagar was moments away from detonating the planet. What’s more is that there is no other way to destroy the shield around the witch’s ship. So in a desperate attempt to stop her, Keith throws himself and his ship to the Galran cruiser.

However, as he was diving into a suicidal attempt, an unexpected person launches an attack that completely devastated Hagar’s ship; Prince Lotor.

Lotor’s agenda

Lotor’s sudden appearance shocked everybody in “Voltronseason 4. After all, he just saved them from total annihilation. Now as he approaches them for a discussion, what will happen?

What does Lotor want? During season 4, we saw the prince exiled by his father and betrayed by his generals. With nowhere to go, we can plainly say that Lotor is looking for a place to stay. But other than that we can also say that his real agenda lies in Voltron. If you can remember, the Galran was attempting to make ships using the same comet that made Voltron. If he gets his hands on the robot, then he can get more comet to make ships-- or better yet, another robot that can be as powerful as the Legendary Defender. And the only way he can do that is either convince them to mine it for him or become a paladin himself.

With the Lions’ every changing allegiance, are we going to see Lotor as Paladin in the future? For now, all we can do is wait for more news and updates about “Voltron” season 5.