"Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire" is going to be released on September 22nd and will be the second expansion released for the highly acclaimed MMO published and developed by AreaNet. "Guild Wars 2" was first released in August 2012, and although it remains relatively popular, the last few years saw the increase in competition for the genre with the release of "Final Fantasy XIV" and "Elders Scroll Online".

With "World of Warcraft" showing no signs of slowing down, AreaNet's MMO felt like it needed a proper update to help keep its fan base active.

What is included in 'Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire'?

ArenaNet president and co-founder, Mike O’Brien, explained that the expansion includes “an epic story, five immense new open-world zones, mounts that allow you to move through Tyria in all-new ways, and nine new elite specializations.”

Players that made the jump from the first "Guild Wars" should recognize the main new area, Crystal Desert, as it was a prominent feature of the original title. As "Path of Fire" takes place 250 years after the events of the first game, things have changed a fair bit in the time separating the two entries. Still, it should hold a few easter eggs for those who have been with the franchise from the very start.

As with most "Guild Wars 2" maps, Crystal Desert is not merely one big stretch of sand and dunes.

Across the landscape, a variety of bio-domes can be found with their own unique environment and ecosystem. In terms of story, "Path of Fire" sees players on the hunt for a rogue god Balthazar, who seeks to turn all of Tyria into a scorching hell on Earth.

Arguably the most exciting new addition is that of the mounts, which is a completely new gameplay mechanic in the franchise.

From the information currently available, these creatures are not designed to merely offer a slightly faster way to traverse the land but will have specific capabilities to be useful in battle and help the player overcome certain obstacles. Also, one of them is a raptor!

How much will 'Path of Fire' cost?

The first expansion, "Heart of Thorns" launched at the staggering price of $49.99, which caused quite a stir with fans.

This time around, "Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire" will be available for a reasonable $29.99, or $49.99 if packed with the previous expansion. As it contains five new zones and mounts, this seems like a fair price for the upgrade. Since the base game is free-to-play, new players should try out "Guild Wars 2" before deciding to embark on the new expansion.