Digital Extremes recently rolled out "Warframe's" massive update - "Plains of Eidolon" on PC. Console fans, on the other hand, are still waiting for the expansion to go live on their end. That being said, the game maker's latest Devstream provided a progress report on "POE's" console version including some additional contents and tweaks that they made for the game.

Console update

Per the recent stream, they mentioned that console builds for "Plains of Eidolon" are on their way to being certified. Then on November 4, the developer took to Twitter to announce that the builds were already submitted.

That being said, game pundits believe that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the expansion are likely to arrive sometime this month, though there is no specific date yet for its release.

New Eidolons, Warframe, and Operation

DE also revealed some pretty nifty stuff that they have been working on as of late including some changes that they did within "Warframe." Kicking things off is the new Warframe that is currently under development known as Khora.

According to its description, the new biomechanical surrogate will allow players to summon her custom Kavat even if there is already a Kavat equipped.

They also gave a sneak peek on a new Eidolon that is currently under development. The new behemoth's size was compared side by side with the Excalibur Warframe to show how massive it is. It is said that the sentient beast will "stomp around on his blade-like arms, and possibly fly around the Landscape" for players to pursue.

The devs added that they are also planning on rolling out other variants for the first Eidolon – the Teralyst.

The team also announced an upcoming Operation that is about to drop this week. New and returning rewards were hinted by DE as images of new Zaws were also showcased.

They even confirmed the return of the high-quality sniper rifle – the Snipetron in the upcoming event.

Meanwhile, the Focus update that DE dished out some months ago was not well received by its player base. As a result, the game maker stated that they made another tweak on it. DE stated that they are bound to remove tree-specific Focus capacity and will be replaced by a Universal capacity. "Warframe's" daily Focus Point cap will be ditched as it is said to be replaced with a curve.

Fans might want to click on "Warframe's" website to check for the current lowdown of the game. Check out the recent stream here: