Niantic’s “Pokemon Go” Halloween event was a major success and featured many surprises for players as Niantic released ghost type Gen 3 Pokemon for the first time and promised more Gen 3 starting December 1st. However, the Halloween event has ended as of November 1st and fans are wondering what will be coming next. The answer, of course, is Thanksgiving! Niantic will be hosting a new “Pokemon GO” event just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Event

Last year saw the first ever Thanksgiving event for “Pokemon Go” and proved to be a rather successful event.

The event ran from November 23 through November 30 and featured double XP and double stardust for players for every action which granted XP or stardust.

Niantic hasn’t released any further information on what this year's event will feature, or even when the Thanksgiving event will go live.

However, Halloween event 2017 took place on the same dates that Halloween event 2016 took place, so it stands to reason the same will hold true for Thanksgiving event 2017.

Meaning players could expect the next Thanksgiving event to start on November 23.

Relief for fans

Pokemon Go” fans have been on edge for the past month, ever since Niantic announced they will be creating another augmented reality game set in the world of Harry Potter.

Niantic’s new game, titled “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Pokémon Go’ November Thanksgiving event happening,” will allow players to learn spells, travel their cities and towns to find fantastic beasts to battle, and team up with friends and other wizards to take on powerful enemies.

The announcement of the new game has excited Harry Potter fans around the world but has worried “Pokemon Go” fans, making them wonder if the popular Pokemon catching app will fall by the wayside.

However, according to Niantic’s blog, fans have nothing to worry about. Niantic announced on Friday that they are excited to begin working on “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” but also the “Pokemon Go” development team is still “100% committed to creating an ever-changing and growing game” and is expanding their “Pokemon Go” development team to bring new and exciting features to the popular app in 2018.

The news, along with the special holiday events, and the release of all Gen 3 Pokemon starting December 1st, has given fans a sigh of relief that their favorite Pokemon app will continue to grow and thrive as long as there is a fan base to support it.

Expect the Thanksgiving event to be announced by Niantic soon, and will probably go live on November 23. Gen 3 Pokemon will start being released on December 1st, and 2018 will bring new features and experiences for trainers around the world. Gotta’ Catch ‘em All!