Bungie has been credited with defining first person shooter games for consoles as they are today. Back in 2001, Bungie released the first ever "Halo" game, which would take the world by storm and change gaming as it was then known for years to come.

After the "Halo" franchise Bungie went on to create the "Destiny" series. Another sci-fi first-person shooter series which has again taken the world by storm. However, some wonder if the "Destiny" series will have the lasting power that "Halo" had.

Which begs the question, what could Bungie have in store for fans next?

Bungie after 'Destiny'

Recently Bungie was interviewed by BBC prior to the release of "Destiny" on PC. The interview was mostly centered around the then-upcoming release of "Destiny" for PC. However, during the interview co-founder Jason Jones hinted at the company's next venture.

Jones hinted that Bungie was beginning to look at the future beyond "Destiny" albeit in a small way. EGM Now reported Jones as saying, "Every time you do a new thing to surprise and delight people you risk being ignored." There is no indication if the "new thing" Jones is referring to is the company's next venture, but odds are it's a safe bet.

However, no one knows if Bungie will stick with what they know, the sci-fi genre, or if they will expand into uncharted territory for the company, and try their hand at something truly new and innovating.

The fate of 'Destiny'

With the success of the "Halo" franchise and the first "Destiny" game, and the hype surrounding the announcement and release of "Destiny 2," many wondered if Bungie would be dedicated to the "Destiny" franchise for quite some time.

Bungie even admitted at various points they were planning on multiple "Destiny" titles in the coming years.

However, with the decrease in players only a few months after its release, and now this mention in the BCC interview, many fans are wondering about the actual lasting power of the series.

If Bungie is already looking past "Destiny" and is discussing worries involving doing something new, could the company be moving on from the "Destiny" franchise earlier than originally thought, and be breaking from the sci-fi genre altogether for their next venture?

Two successful series set in the sci-fi genre, with interest in the second declining already, it's a safe bet that Bungie will be looking at something completely different.

What that something new is, is anybody's guess. But, there is no doubt that Bungie is already looking forward, and fans of the company may not have to wait as long as they thought before they see something new and fresh.

One thing to be sure of, there's little doubt that whatever Bungie comes out with next, it will be a major success and keep gamers around the world satisfied and gaming for quite some time.