Niantic continues making new exciting changes in the reality augmented game. Recently, new information related to a new feature has been revealed, which will play a significant role in the "Pokemon Go" app. As reported by Niantic's developers, in the next few days a new item will be added to "Pokemon Go." It is a new "Super Incubator," which would be launched by the company in the coming days.

According to the information revealed, Niantic's developers plan to add this new element in the next "Pokemon Go" update, just after the current event taking place in Yokohama.

So far, Niantic has not given many details about this theme; however, it is very likely that this new element will be arriving at the app with other new features in the game of augmented reality. Next, we will share with you all details revealed about the news items coming to the “Pokemon Go” app.

The new Super Incubator

As reported by PokemonGoHub, the new “Super Incubator” will play a significant role in the reality augmented game. Through this New Item, "Pokemon Go" players and trainers can hatch eggs in a faster and easier way. This new incubator will be for an exclusive use so that it will be available in stores. It is worth mentioning that players will be able to obtain lovely rewards when hatching 10 km eggs with this new item.

Niantic's developers have not yet revealed when it will be the date of introduction of this new item; however, it is very likely that next week this will be enabled. It is worth mentioning that Niantic maintains many hidden elements to add to the game of augmented reality.

The Master Ball

The Master Ball is one of the new features that will come to the "Pokemon Go" app along with other significant features like berries and incense.

These items have been in the "Pokemon Go" code for some time. However, despite being announced in previous days, so far, is not known when they would be introduced to the augmented reality game.

Additional information:

Bedside, new rumors are running wild in different social media that Niantic’s developers will come out with a new “Pokemon Go” update.

As reported by Niantic, its developers are working hard on new changes, but, the company has not referred about the next update coming to the game.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.Watch the video below for more information: